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Proxy Trading
Written by MewDragon   
Friday, 09 May 2008 11:22
what is proxy trading?
Proxy trading, is of course a method to trade over the GTS. What you do is put up a rare useless Pokemon up for one person’s Pokemon, they trade for it, then they put it up for yours. It requires trust with the person you are trading with, because it could be used to scam.

To get in more depth, let’s say you are trading a a Mystery Mew for another person’s Wishmaker Jirachi. Of course, here you would be using the GTS. But if you’ve seen how many Pokemon are up of Jirachi and Mew, it would most likely be pretty hard to find each other, and even get the trade done without someone else taking it. So this is where Proxy Trading comes in. Instead of putting up your Mystery Mew for Jirachi, put up a GTS-rare Proxy Pokemon for Jirachi. Have the person you are trading with search for it, and once they find it, trade for it. So now, they have that Pokemon, and you have the Jirachi, and your Mew. Now, they put that proxy Pokemon up, asking for your Mew. You find it, trade it, then you’re done!

Looks simple, right? Of course, your GTS-rare Pokemon could still be taken by another person, but the chances are lower than if you did Mew for Jirachi.

what's needed?
To do Proxy Trading, nothing much more is needed. But here’s what’s required:

* The Pokemon you are trading.

* A good proxy Pokemon.

* Someone to trade with, and their Pokemon.

* Wi-Fi for both of you.

* Have the GTS-rare Pokemon seen by you and the other person.

Looks a bit long, but I added in wi-fi, and that the person you are trading with needs to see it.

why should I do this?
Why should you Proxy trade? Well, there are a few reasons. One, it’s the safest way to not get you Pokemon stolen on the GTS. Two, it doesn’t require much more. Three, it’s not hard at all.

why is it called 'proxy trading?'
The definition for proxy is something that is authorized. So it’s an authorized way of trading.

what are good pokemon to proxy trade with?
The list of Pokemon that are good to proxy trade with. I mentioned them earlier, and I called them GTS-rare Pokemon. Basically, they’re Pokemon that only show a few results, if any when searched on the GTS. I mean like altogether as well, not specific Pokemon, like event-wise. If you see more then 6 or so on a few occasions, you may want to stay away from them, since the other person may not be able to find it. So, here’s the list of ones I’ve found. I will not include certain thing like level 70 Charmander an such, because they aren’t easy to find or get, and aren’t basically worthless. The list will be in National Dex Numerical order. If you want to check if one of your Pokemon may be a proxy Pokemon, use Ctrl + F to search for it.

Eevee Female Level 20 and up
Vaporeon Female Level 20 and up
Jolteon Female Level 20 and up
Flareon Female Level 20 and up
Pikachu Level 9 and under
Raichu Level 9 and under
Ninetales Level 9 and under
Clefable Level 9 and under
Arcanine Female
Electrode Level 9 and under
Starmie Level 9 and under
Espeon Level 9 and under, Female Level 20 and up
Umbreon Level 9 and under, Female Level 20 and up
Delibird Level 9 and under
Donphan Female
Kirlia Level 9 and under
Lairon Female
Roselia Level 9 and under
Staravia Level 9 and under
Bibarel Level 9 and under
Mismagius Level 9 and under
Honchkrow Level 9 and under
Carnivine Level 9 and under
Leafeon Female Level 20 and up
Glaceon Female Level 20 and up

For some of the underleveled Pokemon, this guide by DALEVL may help for finding them. Also, if you stumble upon hacked level 9 and under Pokemon, such as Ditto, they can be used as well. I only include level 9 and under Pokemon that are GTS-rare and able to be captured legitimately.


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