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GTS Strategies
Written by MewDragon   
Monday, 15 December 2008 10:21

Just a note of forewarning to start us off with. This article is about the GTS, as was briefly covered in Advanced Wireless, and how to make maximum use out of all the craziness that the GTS embodies. While this article does cover some good strategies concerning the GTS, the fact of the matter is, this is only touching the tip of the iceberg. Any additional suggestions, please comment at the bottom of this page.

In any event, as you no doubt have already discovered, the GTS is plagued with a lot of unfair trades which make it difficult on occassion to get the kind of pokemon you are actually looking for. There's a couple things first though that we need to understand first about the GTS before we get into how to knock the system.

First off, as you may already be aware, the GTS will not allow you to search for a pokemon, on the GTS, until you've at least "seen" it in the game so that you have a minimum entry for it in your pokedex. Secondly, just because everyone else is spamming low level common pokemon for high level rare pokemon doesn't mean you should do it too. :P  Also, please remember that in your game you must have obtained the Coal Badge to use the GTS.  Another thing to keep in mind is that pokemon with the "classic ribbon" are unable to be traded over the GTS.

Regardless, as is obvious from the pattern of pokemon being traded over the GTS, all pokemon can generally be broken down into categories, or levels, based upon how popular they are and what kind of demand there is for them, over the GTS.

  1. Level 9 - These pokemon are in the utmost demand and people will trade good stuff for them. You could include shiny legendary pokemon, probably at level 100, in this category.
  2. Level 8 - Legendary pokemon, other lesser shiny pokemon, and pokemon of a high level, probably 85 and above, are generally to be found in this category.
  3. Level 7 - Pokemon at level 100 and shinies of common pokemon can be found in this category.
  4. Level 6 - Starter Pokemon, and other pokemon that are of a moderate level, above 55 or so, would be found in this category.
  5. Level 5 - Pokemon that are region or area specific, such as Glaceon or Electivre, or other pokemon of decent level, 45 +.
  6. Level 4 - Pokemon that are region or area specific, but are otherwise of lesser value, such as rotom.
  7. Level 3 - Uncommon pokemon that take a little while to find in the wild.
  8. Level 2 - Pokemon slightly rarer than Level 1 pokemon.
  9. Level 1 - Pidgey, Geodude, and other pokemon that will be encountered easily in the wild; other low level pokemon,20 -.

Understanding the dynamics of the GTS can help you devise a strategy, such as the following to manipulate the system.

For instance:

Start off with:
Gengar level 80-100
Trade for:
Azelf level 40-70
Trade for:
Manaphy level 40-60
Trade for:
Palkia level 40-50
Trade for:
Deoxys any level
Trade for:
Mew any level

Moving through the different levels in such a way can maximize your chances of getting the kind of pokemon that you really want. Of course like breeding and growing berries, such a strategy will take time and a little luck to employ effectively; but it is doable.

Another strategy you may have luck with to 'defy the system' involves using what are essentially partner pokemon, or pokemon that exist in pairs or trios, such as dialga and palkia, latios and latias, deoxys and jirachi, the legendary birds, the legendary dogs, or the starter pokemon.

This strategy though should be employed to get a desired pokemon of a higher level, and is less suited to obtaining pokemon you might not have.

In any event, suppose you have a level 50 Jirachi and you request and sucessfully trade it for a level 60 Deoxys. Then go back into the GTS and trade that level 60 Deoxys for a level 70 Jirachi; then repeat until you have a pokemon at level 100.

Idealy what this strategy does is make use of version exclusive pokemon or pokemon with counterparts/partners, since most version exclusive pokemon exist in pairs, where one is available in one version and one is available in the other, there is always a demand for them on the GTS. Thus, this strategy effectively makes use of that demand to obtain high level pokemon!

Furthermore as with the game link cable before it, users have developed several strategies to take advantage of the GTS to clone their pokemon. is, quite frankly, ambivalent about the use and proliferation of information considering cloning, given that it does not involve outright hacking of the game, nor does it involve a rom or gameshark or similar device, and as such we have no problem with posting about it here. ^^

Keep in mind of course that cloning can be used on the GTS not just to clone a pokemon, but to clone the item that the pokemon is holding.  To summarize, cloning involves turning the game off at exactly the right moment, but before the pokemon has been deposited on the GTS.  When the game is turned back on, the player will have the cloned pokemon in both their party, as well as on the GTS.  Of course using the GTS for cloning is risky as for all you know someone could quickly trade for your pokemon while you were restarting your game to take it out.  That's why it's important to make sure that you request a pokemon which is relatively common and one that not many people would be wanting to trade for on the GTS.

Specifically, in order to use the GTS to clone you must turn off your game at the correct time.  When your game says "Checking GTS's status..." begin to count the number of rotations that the little clock in the corner of your screen is making.  When your pokemon moves upward, into the sky, on the screen, and you've recorded how many times the little clock turned (somewhere around 8-12 rotations), take back your pokemon.  Do this several times and record how many rotations that the little clock made each time.  You'll probably get something like this:

- 1st deposit - 10 rotations
- 2nd deposit - 10.5 rotations
- 3rd deposit - 10 rotations
- 4th deposit - 9.5 rotations

What we're trying to establish here is when exactly your pokemon is being uploaded to the GTS.  That minimum time, of 9.5 rotations (on the little clock) is what we're looking for.  Next time you deposit your pokemon on the GTS, count the rotations then turn off your Nintendo DS at that specific rotation.  What should happen, if the cloning was successful, is that your pokemon will have been, essentially, cut in half.  And thus you'll have one pokemon back in your party/box and one on the GTS.  The cloning will have been successful.

When you turn your game back on, after having shut it off, it should tell you that the save file was "corrupted."  This is what you want it to tell you, otherwise you'll know that you failed the cloning attempt.  Connect to the Nintendo Wifi Connection and when it displays "summary", you'll know it worked.  Obviously if it says "deposit pokemon" you'll know that you didn't get the timing quite correctly.  In the end though it all comes down to attempting to determine exactly when, via that little clock in the corner, when your pokemon is being sent to the GTS.  You could of course end up losing your pokemon, such a glitch has been known to occur.  So you could always try using a pokemon you don't care about and trying to clone it first, before you try cloning your rare ones. ;)

In addition to cloning the GTS also allows you to evolve a pokemon, which would normally evolve through a trade.  In order to do this you must equip that pokemon with it's item which allows it to evolve; such as giving Scyther a metal coat or the electirizer to Electabuzz.  Of course, just as with cloning, you'll want to make sure that you pick a relatively common pokemon (like rattata) to trade for.  Then have a friend grab your Scyther or Electabuzz (etc) and trade for it.  Then trade it back to you, over the GTS.  Of course you'll need to make sure you're communicating with your friend to make sure everything goes as planned and a third person doesn't try to steal your pokemon out from under you. :P

Have a strategy that you use to obtain some awesome pokemon on the GTS? Feel free to post a comment at the bottom of this page.



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