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The Normal Type
Written by MewDragon   
Sunday, 16 November 2008 00:45

Normal is pretty much akin to a "generic" type.  The normal type posseses a large number of pokemon and has a large repertoire of moves, some good ones have almost always been available as tms, such as return.

Normal is not offensively strong against any other type, but it successfully negates ghost and is negated by ghosts.  Rock and steel both successfully resist and normal is defensively weak against fighting.

Realistically speaking, normal is an excellent type.  While pokemon wise it's usefulness is generally restricted to a handful of pokemon, such as Snorlax and a handful of others depending on what tier you're battling in, the type itself has a solid movepool with some widely used moves available to a large number of pokemon outside of the type which have been used with great effectiveness throughout the metagame.  Moves such as Baton Pass, Body Slam, Encore, Endure, Explosion, Mean Look, Hidden Power, and Protect have all been consistently in use across a large number of pokemon and serve as more or less a staple of the metagame.  Normal in essence probably has the greatest utilitarian value of any type in the game.

The Top 5:

#1: Arceus As it should be no surprise to anyone that Arceus, the pokegod himself, is #1, I wonder why I should even justify the pick.  Seriously though, as if his multitype ability with 17 different "plates," which allow him to become effectively any type, wasn't bad enough, he just had to have 120 base stat in every single stat.  The phrase "do not incur the wrath of god" has been given new meaning.

#2: Togekiss  Diamond and Pearl, as the fourth generation of pokemon games, has already changed almost everything you "though" you knew about the pokemon metagame.  As if Nintendo was smacking everyone in the face, they introduced Togekiss.  With an enormous movepool, Serene Grace as her ability, and base stats of 120 and 115, in special attack and special defense respectively, Togekiss brings respect to the normal type.  Oddly enough with Hustle and Choice Band it makes a surprisingly effective physical attacker as well; despite having 50 base attack.  Choosing the evolution of Togetic to be such a monster just adds more irony to the situation.


#3: Snorlax  A staple in the metagame for years now, Snorlax has always been a difficult opponent and a veteran of the OU tier.  While Curselax has sadly become less effective with the advent of the DP metagame (but it's not like walls are much good anymore anyway) Snorlax is still to be reckoned with due to its 110 special defense and 160 HP base stats.  It's 110 in attack also ensures it's physical value over other walls.  It is because of Snorlax's fallen crown and recognition of his history that we grant him the #3 slot in the top 5 of normal pokemon.

#4: Blissey While like all walls, skarmbliss is no longer as lethal as it had once been, with a whopping base stat of 255 in HP, Blissey has evolved to maintain it's supremacy as the greatest of special walls.  WishBliss now being probably the most effective set Blissey probably has walked out on Skarm since quite clearly she is well equipped to handle DP's special forces on her own.


#5: Porygon Z  Quite frankly it's kinda difficult to assemble a top 5.  Even now I struggle placing each of these pokemon where they are.  If I really felt like it, i'd just have ties for everything but first and second.  Arguably though Porygon Z is a double edged sword.  With near lethal special attacking abilities to compensate for it's unfortunate brittleness it fully deserves a place in the top 5.  After all, if being able to one shot a 714 HP Blissey with a life orb/hyper beam combo isn't pwnage, I just don't know what is.


Clefable, Slaking, and Smeargle all get honorable mentions.

Pokemon in the Normal Type:

- Ambipom
- Arceus
- Bibarel
- Blissey
- Castform
- Chatot
- Clefable
- Delcatty
- Ditto
- Dodrio
- Dunsparce
- Exploud
- Farfetch'd
- Fearow
- Furret
- Girafarig
- Granbull
- Kangaskhan
- Kecleon
- Licklilicky
- Linoone
- Lopunny
- Miltank
- Noctowl
- Persian
- Pidgeot
- Porygon-Z
- Porygon2
- Purugly
- Raticate
- Regigas
- Slaking
- Smeargle
- Snorlax
- Spinda
- Stantler
- Staraptor
- Swellow
- Tauros
- Togekiss
- Ursaring
- Wigglytuff
- Zangoose




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