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Pokemon Platinum Launch!
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Written by MewDragon   
Monday, 23 March 2009 22:00

For anybody who wasn't living in a cave, Pokemon Platinum was released yesterday, March 22nd, 2009.  I confess I'm pretty excited about this game, lots of new features, return of the battle frontier, and the improved wifi features are all great additions and I picked up my copy yesterday too.  Apologies also that this is the first news update I've made in slightly over a month.  I'll be heading to Japan on April 1st, and so it's been very hectic around here getting everything ready, had a two day drive back up north from florida to pennsylvania.  So you'll excuse me if I'm lucky that I'm even making this news post. :P  But of course kinda have too, I mean, Pokemon Platinum did come out yesterday. ^_^

But with Platinum's release the gaming side of the internet has been awash with all sorts of Pokemon related news coverage and information, which is pretty awesome.  Quite frankly there's been a lot of pokemon related news this march, and apparently this was definitley a bad month to not have been posting news in, lol.  Everyone of course already knows about Arceus being 'officially' released to the public by Nintendo and his inclusion in the new movie and all that blah blah blah.  Gamespot put up a primer guide, and also conducted an interview with Takeshi Kawachimaru and Junichi Masuda back earlier this month.  Whattheyplay and both did write ups regarding the future of the pokemon franchise as well, questions about a future mmo being at the top of the questionaiire.  Regrettably Masuda indicated that there were no current plans in the works for an mmo to be included in the pokemon franchise.  Even MTV Multiplayer did a writeup to commemorate Pokemon Platinum's release.


Pokemon Platinum


Now don't get me wrong, I'm really glad to see all this activity on regular gaming sites to commemorate the release of Pokemon Platinum.  The fact that there are numerous articles being written or interviews being conducted that aren't a generic review of Pokemon Platinum makes it more awesome, it just kinda projects a feel good aura over the whole internet as a pokemon fan.  Then on the other hand you have people like this guy on IGN who are just obviously out to be killjoys.  Now one of the points that was made in several articles was that Platinum is by far the largest successor to any generation thus far, bigger than yellow, crystal or emerald.  More plot additions, more new features, etc.  And one of the questions was, how do you top that?  What room is there to go up from "Platinum?"  Certainly an mmo is a logical step if you're thinking along tihs tack, but Matsuda has already indicated that it's not currently in the works at Nintendo or the Pokemon Co.  So where do they go from here?  What's generation 5 going to look like?  Several things could possibly happen.  First off, we know that Nintendo is bringing video game tournaments at a National and Worlds level, similar to the tcg, which will increase the reach that the pokemon games have if there are active tournaments that people can participate in.  If Nintendo hosts a bunch of similar events like this, and then launches another spin off game (like Mystery Dungeon and Pokemon Ranger) then it's possible that those could be used as a stall until Nintendo figures out something to top Platinum.  Another option that Nintendo can do is to release remakes of Gold and Silver, which would be very critically acclaimed by much of the older player base and would undoubtedly be received with great fanfare.  However there's no indication that that will be done either.  Regardless, it seems that Nintendo does have their work cut out for them, in at the very least, finding a name more awesome than Platinum. :P

In some news around, we've had more than a few things going down on the site.

  • PokeSocial has been updated, couple problems and glitches have been fixed, layout's been modified slightly as well.
  • Starting on April 1st, for our live in Japan segment, we'll be doing 4 frontpage updates a month, 1 of which will be a news post about nintendo hardware, dsi, wii, homebrew news, etc.  Something different, something interesting.
  • We also have a bunch of new articles which should be interesting:
  • The Pokemon Net Report - an article about the current state of the pokemon community/all of pokemon sitedom.
  • Braille, Feebas and Mirage Islands, Version Differences, FRLG Overview, Minigames, and Emerald's Overview article have also all been finished. 
Of course as I've mentioned before, beginning April 1st, we'll be doing a Live from Japan segment, till August.  With any luck we'll have a whole bunch of news exclusively from Japan, along with some awesome contests and we'll be giving away some excellent prizes. 


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May 20th, 2009
Platinum - Rising Rivals
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July 8th, 2009
Platinum - The Advent of Arceus

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