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Regigigas Giveaway
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Written by MewDragon   
Monday, 26 January 2009 01:46

With the release of Pokemon Platinum (March 22nd, 2009) just a couple months away, Nintendo is well prepared to drum up some excitement with an event at Toys R Us where they'll giveaway a Regigigas.  Akin to the japanese release of Regigigas, to the public, last year as well as the Darkrai and Deoxys giveaways earlier in 2008; Toys R Us stores in the United States will be giving away Regigigas' from March 8 through March 21st, following with Platinum being released on the 22nd.  Like with Darkrai, Regigigas will also be given away in a Cherish Ball, but will be at level 100 holding a Custap Berry.

His moveset will be: 

  • Crush Grip
  • Icy Wind
  • Iron Head
  • Rock Slide

The latter 3 all being exclusive move tutor moves available in Platinum.  Furthermore, this special Regigigas will also allow players to unlock special locations in Platinum where you can catch the three Regis, at level 30.  Then you can turn around and use those regis to unlock Platinum's Regigigas, which oddly enough is at level 1.

To top it all off both Toys R Us put up a Shaymin event page up on facebook while released a similar news bulletin on their homepage regarding a Shaymin event, along with a 5$ off coupon towards the purchase of a pokemon (ds) game.  Oddly enough though both listings were removed shortly after being put up.  While it seems likely that for whatever reason they will be opting either to cancel or postpone this event, hopefully it will not be permanently cancelled.  The Shaymin event was actually scheduled to take place February 8th through the 14th (I put it up on the "View Events" page, just for ducks).   I want Shaymin more than I want Regigigas, quite frankly, and I'll be most displeased if Shaymin doesn't get given away, at least sometime this year.  Shaymin was also supposed to be in a Cherish Ball, holding a Micle Berry, with the moves:

  • Seed Flare
  • Aromatherapy
  • Substitute
  • Energy Ball
Below is the poster that they were using for the Regigigas Giveaway Event.


Regigigas Giveaway Poster

 Also, as a brief summary regarding some news across  We've just updated all of the tabs, right above the news here on the front page.  Also, we'll be using the PokeSocial discussion group as a place to post news/updates, in addition to the PokeSocial Updates tab. :P  Also, as was mentioned in the Manga Updates tab, scanning/uploading work continues on Volume 8 of Pokemon Special and I expect we'll be finished with that within two weeks time, and at work on Volume 9.  I'm also uploading Volumes 1-7 to the manga reader because I have them on my hardrive, found them on the internet a year or two ago, and figured I'd upload em' until a later date when I can scan my copies. 

Also, as you can see from the content that's getting crossed off from the "Currently Working On" section of the New Years Day update, here on the main page, we've finished both the Shiny Page and the Fundamentals page.  Ironically, the fundamentals page was one of the more important pages that had needed to be finished and it's a great relief to have that particular article complete.  It provides an ideal starting place for anyone who begins surfing through's content.

Piplup Princess has also finished her overhaul of the Islander Network site page (click on "Network" in the quick links).  It looks amazing.  Also, last but not least, we've unfortunately opted to remove PokeDome from our affiliates list as they have decided to pursue a path as an rpg site which we feel does not mesh well with our current mission plans here on  We've not decided yet whether or not we'll be pursuing a new affiliate to replace that spot.  

And last of all, hopefully we can expect a news post from Bgt, the brilliant webmaster who co-webmasters with me, as he's got a couple things of his own to report on.  



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Current Wifi Events/Giveaways:

Japan: Arceus Giveaway
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Starting- July 18th

Lv. 100
Rowap Berry
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  US: Secret Key Giveaway
GTS Wifi
April 20th - May 12th 2009

Secret Key Event on Wifi
Provides Access to a room where you can change Rotom's form.


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