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In Layman's Terms

No doubt you've seen style switchers on other pokemon sites, but none of those sites has the customizability of's style switcher. Basically our style switcher on allows you to do two things. First, you can select from a nice range of different layout designs. Or you can choose to customize your own layout! Just select your colors, choose your background, and click apply! It's that simple.

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How much do you expect Heart Gold and Soul Silver to be changed from the originals?


  • Wake The Dead! @_@

    Apologies to all for the wait. I'm back at college and it's taken me some time to adjust between the end of work and the beginning of being back at the school in the first time I don't know when.Pressure's on this time, and I absolutely have to do well in...
  • New Pokemon Movie

    We have heard from our sources that the Pokemon Inc of Japan has announced that there is a new Pokemon movie coming out called "Giratina and Shaymin: The Bouquet of the Icy Sky . The movie is in Japan when it first release, but the movie is about Giratina...
  • New Staff Personnel

    Hey everyone! I'm the newest edition to the staff. My name is Flareon, and I'm the new Content writer/News updater for the site. I will post new news regularly, and keep you posted with some interesting gossip to do the with the pokemon wor...
  • Pokemon VideoGame Showdown

    On Saturday, July 19th, in New York City; the Pokemon Videogame Showdown is going to be happening.  The tournament is limited, as previous tournaments, to participants who passed the test online at  Honestly, I didn't bother...
  • E3 Conference News

    Okay well Nintendo's E3 conference took place last a few hours ago and Pokemon Ranger 2 being giving the US title "Pokemon Ranger: Shadows of Almia" and a release date of November 10th in the US. The Shadows refer to Darkrai's presence in Almia, anyway...
  • Platinum

    For all of those of you who have been living under a rock for the last month or so, Pokemon Platinum is going to be released in Japan on September 13th, 2008.While obviously the successor to Diamond and Pearl, we'll see some significant changes in the sto...
  • Hello, Im the new Staff member!

    Hello everyone, my name is evo and I'm the new News Updater. I will be here to give you the best and freshest news in the world of Pokemon. If you need any news request, don't be afraid to comment this blog and I'll get you what you need. Thanks MewDragon...
  • Live!

    Hey there everyone, Welcome to's grand opening. ^_^  My apologies that we launched somewhat later then what I had originally scheduled, but at least now we're up and running.  Content is still being written as we speak, but General a...
  • Designing Twilight

    So I was going through a folder on my computer with all the images I had gathered to use for the Pet System, way back when, and I was thinking about whether or not the Pet System should be integrated with the rest of the mmorpg on Twilight.  I came to th...
  • When do we go live?

    So, couple things.I do expect that we will launch as scheduled in July. I'm planning on launching the site, probably at the end of June, we'll see, and then the forum will follow a couple weeks after that, probably something around July 10th. The forum ...
  • Comment System

    Comment System has been enabled, it looks great.  There was a little confusion setting up the comments on the main page, but I finally figured out what it was talking about. xD  Comments DO appear on all pages, with all content.  Which should add a dyn...
  • Framework Established

    Well joomla was slightly harder to figure out then I had expected, but I think I've finally gotten to understand most of how things works.  I've also begun to install various extensions/mods as well which will suit my needs.  First is this little tab mo...
  • :O

    I actually understand some of Joomla now....
  • Mysql Failes me

    When attempting to code Volcano, the beta testing site for the forum, mysql refused to execute my new table structure, thus failing me.  Stupid......
  • News

    This is the Joomla, Chromatophore template, trying different templates, figuring out which one we should for the main site. The particular layout, the color changer, and the module functions all make this layout a good choice for the new site. Though ob...


North America:
TBA (Spring, 2010):
Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver (DS)
TBA (Late Fall, 2009):
Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver
Next TCG Set:
May 20th, 2009
Platinum - Rising Rivals
Next TCG Set:
July 8th, 2009
Platinum - The Advent of Arceus

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Current Wifi Events/Giveaways:

Japan: Arceus Giveaway
- Movie Theaters
Starting- July 18th

Lv. 100
Rowap Berry
Spacial Rend
Roar of Time
Shadow Force

  US: Secret Key Giveaway
GTS Wifi
April 20th - May 12th 2009

Secret Key Event on Wifi
Provides Access to a room where you can change Rotom's form.


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