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Feebas and Mirage Island
Written by Celestial_Lord   
Wednesday, 18 March 2009 21:11
I have seen a large amount of questions concerning these topics lately, so I decided to make an indepth guide and FAQ for reference and to reduce the number of repeating questions in a short period of time. This will be in the form of an FAQ but there will be a lot of indepth info. I hope this helps out a lot of people.

Catching Feebas

Q: What is a Feebas and where can I find it?
A: Feebas is a very rare fish Pokemon. It can be found only be fishing on Route 119. This is the vertical route just west of Fortree City. There are more than 400 squares of water on this route, but Feebas is found only on 6 squares.

Q: What is a "Square" in this game?
A: A square is equal to one movement or step. If you tap the control pad and move just the smallest amount possible, you just crossed one square.

Q: How do I know what six squares it's on?
A: The 6 squares are totally random. There is no way to determine exactly which squares it is on. The trendy phrase in Dewford Town is related to these squares slightly. Whenever that phrase changes, the six squares that you can find Feebas on re-randomize. This phrase changes whenever you mix records or change it yourself. While searching for Feebas, never let this phrase change of you will have to start your search over.

Q: Can you tell me which squares Feebas is on for a certian phrase in Dewford?
A: No, the squares are totaly random and only re-randomize when the phrase is changed. The squares themselves have no relation to the actual phrase.

Q: What is the best way to find Feebas?
A: The only effective way to find Feebas is to start on one square and fish on every single square on route 119. I recommend you use the super rod for the highest chance of getting it. Since Feebas will not always be found on a square that it is on, you should fish every single water square about 3-5 times. Since there are only 6 squares with Feebas out of over 400, this process might take a LONG time. But, you need to do it this way because it is the only way to almost ensure you will find a Feebas square. I recommend starting at the top of the water and working your way down, fishing on every single square 3-5 times each. If you don't change the Dewford phrase at all during this, you will have to eventually find a Feebas.

Thard added this note:
"When fishing for Feebas, any rod will work. You may even WANT to use the Old Rod, because once a pokemon bites, you don't have to wait as long to hook it."

Q: Once I find a Feebas, will the squares re-randomize?
A: No, once you find Feebas, you know that Feebas will be on that square as long as the Dewford Phrase never changes. If you find a Feebas, keep fishing on that square until you catch a lot of them. Have a few males and females. Also, if you remember that square, you can go back for more any time as long as you don;t change the Dewford phrase.

Q: Now that I have Feebas, what should I do?
A: First, make a lot of Feebas eggs. You will need to find a Feebas with a good nature for maxing its beauty stat when it is time to evolve it.
Also, your friends will give you almost anything for a Feebas if they don't have one yet. So, get a lot of eggs and hatch them.

Q: Okay, I have a lot of Feebas, now how do I evolve it?
A: Feebas only evoles when it's beauty stat is maxed out. To do this, you need to feed it Blue or Indigo Pokeblocks. Only certain natured Pokemon react very well with these. If you don't have a Feebas that reacts well with these Pokeblocks, then you will need to use some very rare berries to make Pokeblocks strong enough to get the beauty maxed. This is because a Pokemon will only eat 12 Pokeblocks before it won't eat anymore. Since Blue and Indigo Pokeblocks are dry, you want a nature that likes dry Pokeblocks. Here are the guidelines for nature:

Use one of these

Never use one of these

Any other personality is okay, but the recommended ones are listed above (they will be the easiest). Now for Pokeblocks. When making Pokeblocks, you need dry ones to increase beauty. Here are the best berries to use

Pamtre Berry
Kelpsy Berry
Hondew Berry
Cornn Berry

Make the Pokeblocks with the three people in Lilycove Contest Hall. These will be the best quality. Once you made those Pokeblocks, look through the Feebas you hatched and find one of a good nature. It is highly recommended that you do not train it in any way before maxing out the beauty; keep it at level 5. Feed it your Pokeblocks that you made until it's beauty is maxed out. Then, level it up once and it will be a Milotic.

Congratulations, you have found, bred, and evolved Feebas! Now train the Milotic and you have a powerful water Pokemon and a beauty contest winner.

Q: Before I max out the beauty and evolve my Feebas, it there any Egg moves I can give it that are good?
A: Yes, there are. The best one is probably mirror coat. This can be given to a Feebas by breeding a male Corsola with the move and a Female Feebas. The child Feebas will have the move mirror coat.
Note: You find Corsola by fishing by Ever Grande City (Before Victory Road).
Another Note: Be sure to get a good nature when doing this to ensure easy maxing of beauty.

I would like to thank the Feebas/Milotic Guide at by Johanass for first teaching me how to find and evolve Feebas.

Finding Mirage Island

Q: What is Mirage Island and where can I find it?
A: Mirage Island is a disappearing island that is found on Route 130 (east of Pacifidlog Town). It is impossible to see the island unless you have a Mirage compatible Pokemon.

Q: What is a Mirage compatible Pokemon?
A: A Pokemon who's hidden value number matches the hidden value number for Mirage Island on a given day. When caught, each and every Pokemon is assigned a hidden value. There are many names and rumors about this value, so I will try to explain it in a way that fits most of them. This hidden value is in a range of thousands of numbers. Every day, a certain hidden value number can see Mirage Island. This value changes daily, so Pokemon who couldn't see the island before might be able to see it for a day. After a day, the number changes again and the island will vanish unless the number matches another Pokemon's number. The compatible Pokemon must be in your party in order to see the island.

Q: How do I determine whether a Pokemon is compatible or not?
A: There is a man in Pacifidlog town that can determine whether a Pokemon in your Party can see Mirage island or not. That man is in a house in the bottom right corner of the town. He is the one looking out the window to the east. If a Pokemon in your party can see the island, he will say that he can see it. If not, he will say "I can't see Mirage Island today..."

Q: I want to get a Mirage compatible Pokemon. What is the best way to do this?
A: Since the hidden value changes each day, you should check your party with the man every day. If none can see it, deposit your party and get out six more Pokemon and check again. Repeat the process until you have checked every Pokemon. If you do this every day, you greatly increase your chances of finding the island. After you do your daily check, you can still try to get there that same day by going out into the wild and catching a lot of Pokemon and checking them all with the man. You can do this until you get sick of trying and wait until the next day.

Q: I'm doing all of that everyday, but I still can't get there. What am I doing wrong?
A: Probably nothing. The chances of finding a Mirage compatible Pokemon on any given day are literally 1 out of thousands. It may take a very long time.

Q: Once I get to Mirage Island, will I be able to see it everyday?
A: No. It will disappear as the random number changes daily. If you see it, you should go there and get everything you need off that island and be prepared never to see it again.

Q: What can I find there?
A: On Mirage Island, there are a lot of wild Wynauts. There are also more Wynauts. Did I mention the Wynauts? Okay, there is also the one great prize, a single Liechi Berry. This super-rare berry is one of a kind in the game. You can get it from outside sources, like the berry update from EB Games, but in the game it self, this is the only one. Do not leave the island with out finding the Liechi Berry.

Q: What does the Liechi Berry do?
A: It makes gold Pokeblocks which raise many contest stats a lot. It also can be used to increase your Pokemons attack when it has low health. I recommend not using it in battle. You should plant it and water it hourly. Plant it in an easy to reach location. If you water it enough, you can get 2 berries and plant them to get more. Note that if you don't water it enough, you will get only 1 berry and no progress. This plant takes days to grow so be patient and water it a lot. Like Feebas, Liechi Berries make good trading material if your friend never got to the island.

Thard added this note:
"When growing Liechi Berries, they take about 100 hours (a little over 4 days) to grow. You don't need to water them hourly. 1-3 times per day is plenty. Just be sure to water them during each stage of growth: mound, sprout, bush, blooms. If the flowers are "blooming very beautifully," you'll get two berries. This technique will also work for the Ganlon, Salac, Petaya, and Apicot berries from Colosseum. (they raise Def, Speed, Sp.Atk, and Sp.Def respectively when health is low.)"

Q: If I save on Mirage Island and wait a day, will I be in the ocean or on the island?
A: I honestly did not try this when I made it there. But, JIRACHIMASTER1 did do this and has been nice enough to tell me what happened - When you reload, you are on the island, but once it is off the screen, it is gone because the new value takes effect. (Thanks Jirachimaster!)

Well thats it everyone. I hope this guide helps you all. This is good for reference and should help reduce the amount of questions repeating on these topics. I recommend you float this guide and direct people asking questions about these topics here. It will be easier than repeating everything over and over. Anyway, thats all. Feel free to comment on this. Thanks for reading.

Original unmarked maps from ... _hoenn.gif and

I would also like to thank Thard, Jirachimaster1, and every other user who replied to this guide in the Pokecenter. Thanks a lot for helping this guide become better!

TIBZ has confirmed that this guide works with Emerald! Thanks for the help on this!


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