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Nintendo World
Written by MewDragon   
Monday, 29 September 2008 21:50

Who has not wanted to visit Nintendo World in NYC or one of the Pokemon Centers in Japan?  Well if you're one of the millions of people in the west who has NOT been to Nintendo World, you are in for a treat because here on we're gonna give you a bit of a tour of Nintendo World. ^_^  First off, just a bit of info.  I used to live in Pennsylvania when I was growing up and with New York City only two hours away it was really easy to get to and my family usually went up to visit NYC once or twice a year, and I've been to Nintendo World back in the day when it used to be called pokemon center.  I'm gonna have to see if I have any pictures from when it was still Pokemon center cause it was pretty hot stuff back then.  I was even there for Nintendo World's grand opening when they gave out these little grand opening buttons to people who came.  I've been there for lots of events, FRLG pre-release, Lugia and Ho-Oh giveaway, lots of good stuff.

Couple months ago when we were up in NYC for the Pokemon VideoGame Showdown (we've got pictures of that too, check em' out) we visited Nintendo World which was in the midst of some celebration for the Carnival games game being released on the Wii.  Now I don't think I remember being there when it "wasn't" crowded, but all the same it seemed like there were more people then there are usually there that day, so apologies in advance if some things aren't clear because there's some people in the way. :P

Also couple other general things.  Nintendo World is more of a tourist trap then anything, those of you who've been there may debate this with me, but it really is.  It's got overpriced merchandise most of which you can find at walmart.  Fortunately things improved with the change from Pokemon Center to Nintendo World and they now have a pretty decent collection of clothing, which is nice when you want to flaunt your brand loyalty.  They do hold a good number of events which is good because that should be one of the primary points of having a semi-official place where the public can access your brand without worrying about other brands (video game stores).  So all in all it's a mixed bag of tricks that nintendo world has.  Traffic in New York city, be warned ye noobs, is harsh and you will be stuck in traffic at some point in time, it's almost guaranteed.  Nintendo World is situated at Rockefeller Plaza which means traffic and lots of people, don't be surprised.  Now, onto the good stuff.




This is the outside of Nintendo World, obviously.  When it was Pokemon Center you would have seen some huge pokemon on display just on the other side of the glass on the bottom floor.  Fortunately though they've still kept the pokeball door handles, which are l33t but heavy.  There were so many people coming and going through those doors I actually had to wait for a brief interval when the doors closed fully and I could take a pic without someone getting in the way.




So, once we go into Nintendo World we're on the ground floor.  The ground floor has a lot of different stuff. On your right is an area with some dses and stools to play on, in this area (and pretty much storewide) you'll be able to use your own ds to download different stuff (download and play).




Then as you move past the counter you'll see a couple screens with wii demos along the wall and a tower with tons of ds games on it.  In the center there's a little table with chairs around it (the round table!) where they hold some events.







Moving on past the center table you'll see the check out counter on your right and then against the back wall is the pokemon section with lots of good stuff, pokemon games and pokemon cards along with the new battle figurines.





This pretty much concludes our tour of the ground floor of Nintend World.  Click next to continue on to the second floor. ^_^  Also, below is an image which shows the ground floor collectively.





Click Next to Continue on to the Second Floor





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