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Episode 5: Battle of Nibi Gym! ニビジムの戦い!
Written by bgt   
Tuesday, 19 May 2009 12:27

After two extruciating days chasing Ash, our villians begin preparing a trap for our hero's expected arrival. Meowth breaks the soft earth moving the soil and creating a large hole. Jessie and James express their limitless confidence by proclaiming the Team Rocket motto. Meowth barks at the two for always being lazy and never helping with trap preparation. Jessie and James being assisting Meowth with the digging to haste the process. The trio sets a wooden grid, brush, and soil atop their hole to conceal its whearabouts and to attempt to successfully capture our hero, Ash. After concealing the hole, our villians manage to forget the location of the trap and begin scrambling around their nearby area to regain the position of the trap. After a few moments, the three halt to a stop in the middle of the trail and ponder on the location of the trap. A few seconds pass and Team Rocket falls violently down into their own trap.

Meanwhile, our heroes continue their journey towards Pewter City and his first gym challenge against Brock, the weilder of Rock type pokémon. Ash notices a boulder and runs atop to gain an overview of the magestic city. A cacophonous resident interrupts Ash informing him of Pewter City's rock hard history and majesty. Ash questions the old man as he is unaware of his identify. The man identifies himself as Flint and informs Ash that he is sitting atop some of his merchandise. Ash examines the man's storefront and questions the man's reasoning behind selling rocks. The man says he sells the stones as souveneirs. Ash firmly states he is striving to become a pokémon Master. Pikachu sighs in relief as he gains a brief moment to take a rest. Flint notices Pikachu's advanced fatigue and offers to show the two to the pokémon Center. The man begins walking down a nearby path and Ash states that Flint appears to be a nice man. Flint returns shortly after and informs Ash of a charge for sitting on his merchandise. Ash and Misty fall to the ground in disbelief. 

Ash hands the resident nurse of the pokémon Center a small tray containing his Pikachu and two pokéballs concealing Pidgeotto and Butterfree. The nurse greats Ash by his name and takes his pokémon to begin preperations. Ash confusedly questions the nurse about her identity due to her resembling the nurse at the Viridian pokémon Center. The nurse states that the nurse at Viridian City is her younger sister. Joy thanks Ash for his pokémon and directs him to a nearby poster.

Ash turns around to notice a poster plastered to the wall advertising the regional pokémon League Championships. "Today's winners are tomorrow's pokémon masters". Misty informs Ash of the requirement to obtain eight badges before being admitted into the tournament. Misty questions Ash's determination and ability to best eight of Kanto's intimidating gyms. Ash states with a new found confidence that he can conquer the gyms of Kanto. Flint interrupts the two laughing at Ash's statement. Flint questions Ash's resolve and determination to defeat Brock of Pewter. Ash states he will defeat Brock once his pokémon have been healed and demands for Flint to take him to Brock. Flint laughs at Ash and beings walking towards the entrance.

Ash and Misty enjoy an equisite meal as Misty lectures Ash on the difficulty of defeating a gym leader. Ash hurridly devours his food so he can gain the opportunity to challenge Brock. Misty offers her assistance with defeating Brock but Ash refuses her offer stating that he doesn't require any help. Misty explodes at Ash's rude remark and confirms Flint's expectation that he won't defeat Brock in the Pewter City gym. Ash soon realizes that Misty left without paying for her part of the meal and shouts for her to comeback.

Nurse Joy hands Ash his Pikachu and both pokéballs and informs him that his pokémon have been successfully healed of any ailments or fatigue. Ash grabs the two pokéballs and Pikachu jumps atop his shoulder. Ash exits the pokémon Center and makes his way to the towering Pewter Gym. The structure is constructed entirely of boulders and rock from the nearby area. Ash opens the two doors and shouts "Hello" which echoes through the empty structure. A light turns on overhead revealing Brock sitting atop a stone platform. Brock questions Ash's intentions and his identity. Ash informs Brock that he reigns from Pallet Town and challenges Brock for Pewter's Boulder Badge. Brock questions Ash if this is his first gym challenge and informs the challenger of the special rules and regulations placed on a gym challenge. Brock states that the challenge will consist of a one-on-one format granting each trainer two pokémon each. Brock questions Ash about how long he has been companions with his Pikachu. Ash sheepishly states two weeks. Brock confirms that his Pikachu is simply outmatched and cannot defeat him. Ash shouts at Brock stating he will worry about his own pokémon and to begin the challenge.

In a snap of his fingers, overhead lights illuminate the ground and a field constructed of rock is forced into place. Ash, ignorant to Pikachu's weakness to Rock and Ground type pokémon, chooses Pikachu as his first pokémon. Brock launches a pokéball which explodes open releasing the essence of Onix. The rock-type snake towers of the miniscule Pikachu at a height of 28 feet and 10 inches. Pikachu shrieks and crawls up Ash's leg to escape the reach of Onix. Pikachu attempts to release one of the other pokémon but Ash manages to grab Pikachu and direct him back onto the battlefield. Onix thrusts forward breaking the ground underneath and barely manages to miss the small rodent. Onix utilizes his massive tail to grasp Pikachu and begins binding Pikachu. Pikachu launches a thundershock but the attack is grounded out by Onix's rough rock-type exterior. Ash attempts to return Pikachu to his pokéball but his attempts are blocked by Onix's rock-hard exterior. Pikachu screams out in excrusiating pain as Onix increases the pressure being applied to his body. After a few moments, Ash shouts out and surrenders the match.

Discouraged and beaten, our hero exits the gym and begins walking back into town. Ash is stopped by Flint and is motioned to follow him. Ash prepares a bed for Pikachu inside of Flint's cabin. Flint prepares the two a pot of tea and attempts to comfort Ash about his gym battle. Ash disappointingly states that he not only was bad but was terrible in the match against Brock. Flint confirms that Brock is a great trainer however limits himself by staying in Pewter City. Ash questions Flint about why Brock never has attempted to enter a regional championship. Flint says that Brock has his reasons for staying in Pewter City.

Ash and Flint look across a small field and notices a group of eight children and a young man standing over a hot stove. One of the young siblings grasps onto the man's leg crying about their torn skirt. The man turns around and Ash realizes the man is actually Brock. Brock obtains his sewing equipment and beings repairs on the young girl's skirt.

Night falls on the mysterious Pewter City and our hero walks down a path. Flint states that Brock has ten sibilings to care for which restricts him from leaving town to enter into any regional championships. Ash questions if Brock has a mother or father to care for his siblings. Flint states that his deliquent father abandoned them to become a pokémon trainer and his mother passed away. Brock is the only older member of the family that his younger siblings have left. Ash sadly murmurs that he doesn't want to hear anything else sad or else he might not have the heart to defeat Brock. Flint surprisingly asks Ash about why he said he couldn't defeat Brock before. Ash confidently states he has changed his mind about defeating Brock and states that if he can power up Pikachu he will be able to conquer Brock. Flint states he may know of a way to supercharge Pikachu. Flint brings Ash to a nearby hydroelectric plant on the outside of town which utilizes the force of a nearby stream to generate electricity. Ash questions Flint about his level of 
knowledge of pokémon and how he became so knowledgable. Flint fumbles for an answer to Ash's surprizing question and states the he simply got lucky. Ash attempts to build confidence in his comrade, Pikachu, by instilling that they are going to electrically supercharge him. Flint breaks Ash overzealousness by informing him that the river is dry which drives the turbine of the hydroelectric plant. Ashs questions the reason behind them visiting the plant. Flint states he has an alternative idea for charging Pikachu. Flint attaches two wires to Pikachu's cheeks and into the plant's console. Ash climbs atop the turbine and begins running to manually generate an electrical current. The meters on the console begin 
to illuminate with the levels of electrical current. Pikachu beings to screech in pain due to the pain from the high voltage. Flint attempts to calm the rodent informing Pikachu that his body will soon begin to get used to the voltage. Misty arrives at the hydroelectric plant and informs Ash that she would have helped him if he had asked. Ash states he doesn't require her help and will win without her. Misty becomes infuriated from Ash's remarks and stomps off with her disregard for assisting him. Ash confidently states he will strengthen his own pokémon without her help. Misty mumbles that it would be a lot easier with her help. Smoke beings to emit from the console due to the high electrical output.

Morning falls upon Pewter and Ash slams the gigantic Pewter doors open declaring he has come back to defeat Brock and claim his badge. Brock questions Ash about his resolve and if he learned his lesson from the last defeat. Ash states he has prepared for the rematch but Brock takes his statement with little regard. Overhead lights illuminate the battlefield as Brock announces that the battle will consist of a one-on-one match with each trainer using a maximum of two pokémon each. In a flick of his wrist, Brock launches a pokéball into the field which explodes open releasing the essence of Geodude. Ash turns his hat at a 90 degree 
angle in a statement of confidence and launches forth a pokéball revealing Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto begins building up velocity to prepare for its Gust attack. A small gust builds up around Geodude but is neutralized due to Geodude's heavy weight and rough exterior. As the dust settles, Ash confusedly questions why Pidgeott's attack had no effect. Brock states that Flying types are weak against Rock types. Geodude manages to take advantage of the situation and knocks Pidgeotto unconscious and unable to battle. Ash reaches for his pokéball and launches a red beam of light recapturing Pidgeotto's essence.

Ash selects Pikachu as his second and final pokémon. Brock questions Ash's poor choice of pokémon and shows remorse towards Pikachu having such a weak trainer as Ash. Ash laughs at Brock's comments and directs Pikachu to launch a thunderbolt. Pikachu's cheeks begin sparking and soon generate a devasting electrical current which connects with Geodude's body charring his body and making him unable to battle. Brock applauds Ash on training his Pikachu to a higher level but states he is no match for Onix. Brock flexes his arm releasing the might rock snake, Onix. The gigantic Onix towers over Pikachu striking fear into his very heart. Pikachu in a frightened state begins launching an array of thunderbolts which reflect off Onix and shatter the overhead lights creating a fire. Onix moves his gigantic tail and grasps Pikachu's body to prepare for his Bind attack. With Pikachu's increased electrical current, Pikachu releases another thunderbolt connecting with Onix. Onix shrieks out in pain and Ash commands for Pikachu to continue his onslaught of attacks. Pikachu quickly becomes exhausted of his electrical energy. Onix takes advantage of the situation and beings apply pressure onto Pikachu's body with his devasting Bind attack. After a few moments, Brock commands for Onix to stop the attack. Pikachu's battered body slams into the hard ground below. Ash begs for Brock to continue the match but Brock states he doesn't want to cause harm to his pokémon and there is no point to continue the match. The overhead fire causes the fire sprinklers to activate throwing a mist of water over the two pokémon and weakening Onix due to the type disadvantage. Misty informs Ash that Rock pokémon are weak to Water.

Pikachu takes advantage of the moment and utilizes the water's conductivity to strike through the very core of Onix. Pikachu's devasting attack is intensified by the water enveloping Onix's body. After a few moments, Onix's enormous body slams into the ground below. Ash raises his hand to direct Pikachu to finish Onix. Brock's siblings rush towards Ash and jump onto him to stop him from giving the order to Pikachu. One of the young girls states that Brock worked hard to train his Onix. Brock commands for theh siblings to get off his challenger and states they are going to complete the match. Ash recalls when Brock showed mercy towards Pikachu and returns the favor commanding Pikachu to return. Brock shouts out stating the the match is not over. Ash states that the sprinklers which weakened Onix were only a fluke and he will defeat Brock one day fair and square.

Ash and Pikachu walk down the gym's path back towards town. Ash commends Pikachu on his valiant effort in the match. Heavy footsteps can be heard in the background and Brock shouts for Ash to wait up. After catching up with Ash, Brock opens his hand and presents the Boulder Badge. Ash questions Brocks intention behind presenting the badge due to his inability to defeat Brock in a match. Brock states he is presenting the badge to Ash due to his kind heart to all pokémon. Brock states he gets more enjoyment from raising pokémon than from actual battling. Brock says that he wants to become the world's best breeder but is unable to achieve his goal due to his responsibilites in Pewter. Brock states he wants Ash 
to accept the badge and fulfill his dream. Flint interrupts the two and says for Brock to follow his own dreams. Flint removes his red hat and fake beard to reveal his actual identity as Brock's father. Flint states that he didn't become the great pokémon trainer he had strived to be and was ashamed to go back to his family. Ash questions why Flint offered him assistance instead of Brock. Flint says that he offered to help Ash due to that he reminded him of himself. Flint accepts his responsibilites as the head of the household and states it is time he began fulfilling the requirements of his family. Brock hands his father a needle and thread and informs him that he better learn to sew due to Susie always ripping her clothes.

Brock asks if he can travel with Ash on his journey. Ash says that Brock is welcome as he needs someone to talk to. Brock questions Ash about the girl following them, Misty. Misty shouts out that she is going to continue to follow him until she is repayed for his bike. Ash begins running at an increased speed to gain distance between Misty.

With the flames of courage burning brighter than ever and Ash obtaning a new friend, our hero's future looks brighter than ever.


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