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Episode #4: Challenge of the Samurai 侍少年の挑戦!
Written by bgt   
Wednesday, 06 May 2009 14:36

Our heroes venture further into the mighty Viridian managing to fend off the excruciating heat. A shriek breaks the silence of the forest while our heroine, Misty, hangs frightened from a tree pointing at a bug she spotted in a distance. Ash and Pikachu sigh at her frightfulness of bugs. Ash makes a epigram about MIsty's fear of bugs, entomophobia, by utilizing a pun, paronomasia, implementing the phrase "Cowterpie". Misty screams at Ash for making a joke about her fear of bugs. A Weedle inches closer to the duo and Ash queries his Pokédex for information on the insect. Dexter's robotic voice informs the two of the danger of Weedle's poisonous needle and to utilize caution when interacting with the pokémon.

Misty begs Ash to drive the wild Weedle away from them. Ash states that he is not going to let a chance for him to capture a Weedle slip through his fingers. Ash reaches his hand for an empty pokéball but soon recalls that he has to weaken a wild pokémon before attempting a capture. Ash calls for his electrifying teammate, Pikachu, but he is sound asleep and doesn't respond to Ash's command. Ash reaches for his other comrades, Metapod and Pidgeotto, to battle Weedle. As Ash is attempting to finalize his strategy, the Weedle starts crawling up Misty's leg causing her to dash off in a blast of light shouting for Ash to get rid of the bug. In a flick of his wrist, Ash releases the pokéball's mechanism which explodes forth releasing Pidgeotto. The bird flaps his mighty wings knocking the Weedle backwards and thrusts into the air to prepare for another attack.

Meanwhile, Misty is walking down a dust trail and disturbs a Samurai hidden in the lush forest. He jumps forward unsheathing his sword and drawing it just a few inches from her face. The samurai asks Misty if she is the pokémon trainer who reigns from Pallet Town. Misty informs the Samurai that she is not the person he is looking for. The samurai re-sheathes his sword and begins to continue his search. Samurai warns Misty to refrain from any further screaming or shouting in the forest to prevent attracting any Beedrill. Misty drops to the ground as the Samurai disperses into the distance.

Weedle thrusts forth in an attempt to strike Pidgeotto with its poisonous stinger. Pidgeotto manages to alter his course and dodge the insect's attack. Pidgeotto makes another round with Gust and manages to faint Weedle. Ash prepares to capture Weedle by enlarging an empty pokéball. Samurai interrupts his battle and interrogates him about being the trainer from Pallet Town. Ash informs the Samurai that he is the trainer from Pallet but is busy at the moment. The samurai hurriedly unsheathes his sword and strikes forth towards Ash. Ash states that he will thwart any attempt to steal his pokémon. Samurai states he is not a pokémon thief and challenges Ash to a pokémon match. After a few moments, Ash recalls that he needs to capture Weedle in its weakened state. Ash looks over to notice the Weedle attempting to make his escape. Ash launches an empty pokéball but miscalculates his throw launching the ball into a tree. Ash recalls Pidgeotto releasing a red beam from his pokéball absorbing Pidgeotto's essence. Infuriated, Ash confronts Samurai on interrupting him which caused him to fail capturing Weedle. Samurai states that he is not the cause of Ash's failure and his poor decision-making and experience is the cause of his failure. Ash accepts Samurai's challenge and manages to release Pidgeotto in a fatigued state and unable to battle. Misty lectures Ash on proper care for pokémon and allowing his pokémon to rest.

In a flick of his wrist, Samurai calls forth his Pinsir gleaming in a shimmering light. Ash reaches for his Pokédex and queries Dexter for strategy against his intimidating opponent. Pidgeotto manages to regain consciousness and a battle-ready state. Pinsir flexes his upper claws in an attempt to frighten Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto flaps his massive wings drafting up a thick sand storm and reduces Pinsir's visibility and accuracy. Pinsir manages to locate his opponent through the thick dust and jumps forward colliding with Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto slams into the ground worsening its fatigue. Samurai snickers at Pidgeotto's misfortune. Ash recalls Pidgeotto into his pokéball and prepares to launch his counterattack. Ash selects his 2nd pokémon and releases Metapod. Pinsir strikes forth in an attempt to shatter Metapod's weak body. Metapod hardens his shell just before Pinsir's attack and manages to counter the devastating attack. Samurai applauds Ash on his ingenuity and recalls Pinsir. Samurai reaches for another pokéball releasing his own Metapod. The two metapod metapods match wits by continuning to harden their shells. Misty and Pikachu watch the two from a distance basking in the sun's rays. The two scream at their pokémon commanding them to harden even more.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket develop a cardboard box which they decorate to give the appearance of a vehicle. Jessie and James are inside of the cardboard vehicle while Meowth sits atop simply relaxing. James complains about Meowth's laziness and disregard to help the team traverse through the forest. Jessie rocks the vehicle causing Meowth to be thrown off and into nearby brush. Meowth runs down the path in an attempt to catch up with his comrades.

The excruciating heat continues to wear on Samurai and Ash as they both continue to command their Metapod to use Harden. After countless hours of competitive battling, Ash and Samurai collapse onto the ground. Misty screams at the two for being ignorant with their strategy and battle. Her shriek shatters the silence of the forest arousing a swarm of Beedrill. Samurai recalls his Metapod as the group of Beedrill hurry towards the three. Ash reaches for his Pokédex to obtain information on the venomous insect, Weedle. Dexter informs Ash of Beedrill's highly effective poisonous sting and advises him to utilize caution. A Beedrill dives downward and manages to grab Metapod. Ash makes multiple attempts to recall Metapod but is unable to connect the pokéball's beam with Metapod. A second Beedrill strikes forth with his mighty stingers but Pikachu uses a thunderbolt to thwart his opponent which also manages to electrify Ash. The swarm of Beedrill continue to pursue our heroes and begin gaining ground. After a few moments, Ash and Misty take a sharp left into a group of bushes exiting the swarm's line of sight. The swarm continues heading north along the path and manage to miss our heroes. The three sign in relief but notice a nearby tree filled with countless Kakuna awaiting evolution into Beedrill. Ash reaches for his Pokédex and queries information on the transitional-stage pokémon.

Ash manages to notice his Metapod in the distance on the backside of the hive's tree. Ash shouts for Metapod but Misty interrupts him placing her hand over his mouth to stop any attempt to startle the hive. After a few seconds, the Kakuna shells begin to crack and release another swarm of Beedrill. The trio run down the path and barely manage to escape into Samurai's cabin. The Beedrill slam into the cabin's wooden door releasing a few drops of their effective venom. Samurai removes his armor and lectures Ash on his inability to capture the wild Weedle which almost cost them their lives. Ash feuds with Samurai about his poor remarks about his actions in the forest. Samurai states that Metapod will pay for Ash's poor decisions in the forest. He states that any other trainers from Pallet wouldn't abandon their pokémon or make as poor decisions as Ash. Ask questions the Samurai about other trainers from Pallet. Samurai vividly recalls his three past battles with magnificent and experienced trainers which tested his wits and wisdom. Samurai had been preparing for when the next trainer from Pallet Town would arrive to obtain his chance to finally defeat a trainer from Pallet. Night falls upon the forest and our heroes stay overnight in Samurai's cabin.

Dawn breaks and a new morning is upon us. Ash stealthily crawls towards Kakuna Hive to make another attempt to rescue Metapod. Meowth slams atop Ash's head and questions Ash about Meowth's favorite game. Ash stands up throwing Meowth off his back however Meowth manages to scratch Ash's face causing excruciating pain. Meowth states his favorite game is "Scratch and Sniffle". James shouts down towards Ash announcing Team Rocket's arrival. Team Rocket begin to make their introduction but Ash interrupts their motto. Ash attempts to warn the duo about the swarm of nearby Beedrill. Meowth explodes two smoke bombs in the distance waking the Beedrill from their slumber. Jessie demands that Ash hand over Pikachu to prevent any harm being caused to him. Ash informs Team Rocket that he does not have Pikachu with him and even if he did, he would stop any attempt they would make at capturing his pokémon.

Ash sprints towards the hive's tree managing to dodge the wave of oncoming Beedrill. The Beedrill slam into the soft ground managing to miss Ash. Team Rocket reach for their cardboard tank to give them shelter against the swarm of Beedrill. Team Rocket begin sprinting down the path in an attempt to escape the swarm. Ash takes advantage of the situation and begins to recall Metapod into his pokéball. The cacoon-pokémon informs Ash that he does not want to be recalled into the pokéball yet. Ash scoops up Metapod and begins running in the opposite direction of the swarm. Ash blames Samurai for the reason he abandoned Metapod. After a few moments, Ash looses his balance tossing Metapod a few feet ahead.

After a few moments, Ash comes to realize that he was the root cause as of to why Metapod was abandoned. A stray Beedrill notices the two on the ground and makes an attempt to strike to take advantage of it's weakened foes. Metapod lunges forward striking the Beedrill and intersects Beedrill's Twin Needle attack. The defeated bug flies off into the distance. Ash inspects Metapod's body to attempt to identify any damage from the Beedrill's attack. A glimmering light emits from Metapod's carcass and a magnificent Butterfree emerges from the once weakened Metapod. The swarm of Beedrill manage the notice Butterfree in the sky and alter their course toward their new foe.

Butterfree flaps his wings misting the atmosphere with an invigorating sleep powder throwing the Beedrill and Team Rocket into a deep slumber. Samurai applauds Ash on his successful management and adaptability to his newly evolved pokémon, Butterfree. Samurai directs our heroes to the path of Pewter City to allow them to finally escape the mighty Viridian Forest. Ash invites Samurai to continue their match however Samurai refuses due to his lower skill level compared to Ash. The two bid farewell to Samurai and set their path towards the rock-hard establishment of Pewter City. Meanwhile, Team Rocket develop a Kakuna disguise to prevent the hive from identifying them as enemies. James lectures Jessie on the effectiveness of her ideas. Jessie responds stating that she at least has ideas. The feuding team awaken the Beedrill slumber and once again have to escape their attacks.

After an excruciating day, our heroes manage to finally escape the mighty Viridian and set their sights on Pewter City.


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