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Episode #3: Ash Catches a Pokemon ポケモン ゲットだぜ!
Written by bgt   
Monday, 04 May 2009 15:12

Deep in the forest of the mighty Viridian, Ash and a startled Caterpie stand-off as time seems to stand still. The two opponents stare each other down as if to discover one another's weakness. Ash launches an empty pokéball towards the frightened pokémon. The ball explodes open capturing Caterpie's very essence. The ball moves back and forth as it struggles with the wild pokémon. After a few moments, the red led on the pokéball dims to white confirming to the trainer that the pokémon had been successfully captured.

Ash parades around with his new found confidence as Misty tries to keep her distance away from him. Ash holds his newly captured pokémon in front of Misty as she attempts to back away from the device. Ash shows the pokéball to Pikachu and informs him of the new team member. Pikachu sniffs of the pokéball and gives his approval towards the new teammate. With Ash's new found confidence, he proclaims he is going to capture even more pokémon for his team.

Ash launches the pokéball and moments later it explodes in a shimmering light releasing Caterpie. Misty hurriedly runs towards the furthest tree and watches in frightfulness. Ash commands Caterpie to climb onto his shoulder but as Caterpie inches closer he notices Misty spying in the back. Caterpie speeds towards her as she shrieks in disgust. Caterpie rubs up against Misty's leg as if to gain her approval. Misty commands Ash to get the disgusting bug away from her. Misty picks up Pikachu and begins stroking his thick coat. Pikachu giggles in approval of his new-found attention from Misty.

Caterpie begins to whine as he notices Pikachu is getting more attention than him. Misty commands Ash to get his disgusting bug away from her. She proclaims Bug-type pokémon are one of the three most disgusting things. Ash makes a joke towards her being one of the three disgusting things. Misty informs Ash the most disgusting things are carrots, peppers, and bugs. Ash lowers his arm for Caterpie to climb atop and begins walking off away from Misty. Pikachu jumps from Misty's arms and begins following behind. Misty attempts to follow Ash down a grassy path and runs to a nearby tree as Ash turns around to notice her dashing away. Misty uses the excuse that she is only following him because he damaged her bike. Misty and Ash get in a quarrel over the responsibility of the bike and damages. Pikachu looks at both in discouragement and simply sighs.

Night quickly falls on the forest and Ash prepares a fire. The fire crackles brilliantly illuminating an open area. Ash prepares his sleeping bag and his two pokémon, Pikachu and Caterpie, sit atop a tree stump. Ashs bids Caterpie and Pikachu goodnight and prepares to enter into a deep slumber and is interrupted by Misty. Caterpie motions for Pikachu to look at the glimmering night sky. The two converse about the astonishing view and Caterpie's aspirations to someday become a Butterfree. Caterpie notices Misty rustling in her sleeping bag and becomes discourged because of her hateful actions towards him. Pikachu attempts to cheer him up.

A loud shriek is overheard breaking the silence of the forest startling our heros Ash and Pikachu. Ash soon discovers the shriek originated from Misty who was frightened by Caterpie sleeping next to her overnight. Misty screams at Caterpie commanding him to get away from her and back into his pokéball. A discouraged Caterpie slowly inches towards his pokéball finally releasing the mechanism and exploding into the pokéball. Ash demands an apology from Misty but she simply refuses. A Pidgeotto lands nearby and snatches up a morning snack.

Ash opens his pokedex to obtain information on the evolved form of Pidgey. Dexter's robotic voice informs the trainer that Pidgeotto is armed with sharp claws and advises Ash to approach with caution. Ash takes Dexter's advice without much regard and reaches for an empty pokéball. Ash presses a small button enlarging the pokéball to its normal size. Ash launches the pokéball towards the wild Pidgeotto but his attempt is denied by the aggressive bird. Ash stares in disappointment at the pokéball lying beneath his feat.

Misty lectures Ash informing him of the proper techniques to capture a wild pokémon. Ash launches a pokéball towards the ground which explodes with a shimmering light releasing Caterpie. Pidgeotto looks at its new foe as lunch. Ash simply stares in astonishment as Pidgeotto screaches into the sky preparing for its attack on the defenseless Caterpie. Pidgeotto slams into Caterpie at full force knocking him backwards into a tree to prepare for its final attack. Ash manages to recall Caterpie in the nick of time preventing Pidgeotto from altering its course from a nearby tree. Pidgeotto slams into the tree catching his beak in the touch tree bark.

Ash takes advantage of Pidgeotto's misfortune and directs Pikachu to use Thunderbolt. Pikachu launches a devastating thunderbolt into the sky paralyzing Pidgeotto. Ash launches the empty pokéball towards his weakened foe. The ball explodes open capturing Pidgeotto's essence. The ball sways back and forth fighting with its weakened foe. Ash watches the ball and Pidgeotto pit forces against one another and after a few moments the ball's light dims to white confirming that the wild pokémon had been successfully captured. Ash shouts that he is the greatest with his new found confidence. Misty states that he is the worst pokémon trainer for deciding to place a Bug-type against a Flying-type which is a weak matchup. Misty lectures Ash on proper strategy and implementation of his teammate's techniques to properly conquer a foe.

A woman's laughter breaks the feud between the two as Team Rocket make their introduction. Ash attempts to inform Jessie that he does not have the free time to deal with them. Team Rocket demands that Ash hands over his Pikachu. Ash informs the team that they need to go and capture their own Pikachu. Like all great villians, Team Rocket informs our heroes of their plans to capture rare and special pokémon. Meowth interrupts the duo vigorously scratching the two and commanding them to stop leaking their plans. Ash simply stares in a confused state wondering if his Pikachu is really out of the ordinary. Meowth lectures Ash informing him of Pikachu's astonishing electrical power. James and Jessie start stomping Meowth to stop him from giving away all their secrets. The duo make their final demand for his Pikachu but Ash refuses.

In a matter of seconds, Jessie and James launch their pokéballs into the sky releasing Ekans and Koffing. Ash faces an unfair advantage of 2 against 1. Misty informs Ash they could also use a 2nd pokémon to even the odds but Ash interrupts her informing her of the League rules enforcing only one-on-one battling. Koffing launches a devastating sludge attack with splatters into Pikachu's eyes reducing his visibility. Pikachu rubs his eyes attempting to remove the sticky substance from his face. Ash picks up his comrade and hands Pikachu to Misty directing her to get as far away as possible with Pikachu to thwart Team Rocket's attempt to steal him.

Ash launches a pokéball into the sky which explodes forth releasing Pidgeotto. Pigeotto dives down with a Quick Attack towards Ekans. Ekans avoids the attack by digging underground. Pidgeotto begins flapping backwards to lower his speed and prevent colliding with the hard ground. Koffing launches a smokescreen but it is dispersed by Pidgeotto's gust. Koffing launches a barrage of sludge but Pidgeotto manages to take advantage of his agility and flexibility to avoid the attacks. Ekans breaks open the earth's crust and thrusts towards Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto speeds into the sky barely managing to avoid Ekan's attack. Ekans and Koffing manage to follow Pidgeotto into the sky. Koffing slams into Pidgeotto as Ekans strikes from underneath severely damaging the bird. Ash holds a pokéball forth and commands for Pidgeotto to return releasing a red beam capturing Pidgeotto's essence.

Ash charges towards the duo and James extends his arm forward holding the trainer back. James flicks Ash knocking him a few feet backwards knocking up plumes of dust. Jessie continues to demand Ash to hand over his Pikachu. Ash stands to his feet regaining consciousness and launches another pokéball releasing Caterpie. Team Rocket watch in disgust at the trainer's poor choice of pokémon. Team Rocket explodes into laughter at the trainer's ignorance and misfortune. Ekans and Koffing dash towards the weakened Caterpie. Caterpie launches a String Shot attack enveloping Koffing in a sticky fluid and immobilizing the poison-type pokémon. Caterpie continues his string shot attack also enveloping Ekan's head in the sticky fluid. Caterpie dashs forward tackling Koffing into Ekans knocking the two enemy pokémon severly feet backwards. Meowth prepares for his attack sharpening his claws but is also captured in the String Shot attack. Team Rocket collect their fallen foes and speed off into the forest leaving a solitary rose on the path beneath Caterpie.

Ash explodes into excitement now that he has obtained his first victory in a pokémon battle. Ash picks up his star pokémon and congratulates him on his victorious battle. Misty also congragulates Caterpie and drops her prejudice that he was a weak pokémon. Misty slowly extends her hand forward in an attempt to overcome her fear of bugs. Just before her hand touches Caterpie's silky smooth skin, he begins emitting a stream of string shot enveloping himself in a cocoon to prepare for evolution into Butterfree. Ash picks up his newly evolved Metapod and congratulates him on the evolution. Ash picks up Metapod and extends him towards Misty to give her another chance to conquer her fear of bugs. Misty attempts to change the subject saying they should start to begin to make it out of the forest.

Our heroes make their way further into the forest as the flames of courage burn brighter than ever.


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