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Episode #2: Pokémon Emergency 対決!ポケモンセンター!
Written by bgt   
Monday, 04 May 2009 15:14

A voice is overheard in Viridian City informing citizens of thieves residing within the city limits. As the officer completes her announcement she notices a fatigued trainer arriving from the north side of town. Just as Ash brushes by the officer, she grabs him by his collar and questions him regarding Pikachu. Ash explains to the officer that he is attempting to reach the hospital to aid his exhausted Pikachu. The officer requests an identification from Ash however he informs the officer that he does not have any identification with him at the time. The officer notices the trainer's Pokedex hanging from his jacket pocket and queries the device for the trainer's identification. Dexter's voice informs the officer in a robotic tone that it is designed to assist Ash with pokemon information and confirms his identification. The officer agrees to assist Ash and offers to take him to the hospital.

In a thundering roar, the two head off down the street leaving plumes of smoke and choking Misty as she attempts to catch up with Ash. Meanwhile, our villainous duo Team Rocket remove a wanted poster from a nearby stand from atop their balloon. The team examine the poster to gain insight into the authorities knowledge regarding their plot. James confirms that the authorities won't solve the case while Meowth enforces to the group that their objective is to obtain rare pokemon.

Nightfall sets on the town as Ash and the officer grow ever closer to their destination. The officer accelerates launching over a hill and skidding through the front doors into the center's lobby. Ash excitedly jumps out of the vehicle and informs the nurse that he needs urgent assistance. The nurse speeds over to her terminal and requests assistance from the hospital staff. Pikachu is rushed off to the Critical Care Unit and is informed that his pokemon will be promptly taken care of. The nurse scolds Ash over this ability to care for his pokemon and his ignorance to properly care for his pokemon. Ash is directed to the waiting room while Pikachu is administered emergency care.

Hours pass as Ash awaits the response from the head nurse. Ash decides to call home to ease himself of the pain from his fatigued Pikachu. Ash's mother answers the phone and explodes in excitement once she hears her son's voice bombarding him with questions. Ash informs his mother that he is currently in Viridian City and she commends him on his success informing him that his father took 4 days to reach the city when he began training. Ash's mother attempts to uplift Ash from his depressive state and let's her son know she is proud of him and he can accomplish any task he sets his mind on. The call ends as his mother expresses her love for him.

Ash steps up from the chair and notices artwork depicting Ho-oh, Articuno, Zapdos, and Arcanine. The artwork reminds Ash of his sighting of Ho-oh while on Route 1. The front desk phone rings and Ash answers it while the nurse is away. Professor Oak is on the other end and is ecstatic that Ash has reached Viridian City in such a short time. Oak informs Ash that the other trainers have successfully reached Viridian City as well. Oak placed a bet against Gary that Ash would have at least one new pokemon once he reached Viridian City but Ash only lets his feelings down gently that he did not obtain any new pokemon on his route from Pallet to Viridian. Ash informs the professor that he did sight a Moltres while on Route 1 however Oak doubts his sighting. Oak abruptly ends the call as the aroma of his food fills the room.

Misty's voice explodes from behind proclaiming; "Now I've Got You". Misty is fatigued to the point of exhaustion as she breathes heavily with her damaged bike on her back. Ash asks her why her bike is damaged and she explains to him that he is the reason her bike is damaged due to his carelessness when he stole her bike. Misty informs Ash that he will pay her back for the damages to her bicycle. Ash insures Misty that he will replace her bike once Pikachu is healed. Misty's anger subsides as Ash lets her know that his Pikachu is in critical condition. The red lamp illuminating the Critical Care section turns off as the door's slide open. The head nurse and a Chansey push Ash's pikachu into the lobby. Ash runs to Pikachu's aide and the head nurse informs Ash that the procedure was successful. An alarm whales over informing nearby citizen's that the criminals have been spotted in Viridian airspace and to take precaution with any pokemon in their possession.

Team Rocket's balloon floats overhead the Pokemon Center as they prepare their attack on the hospital. Jessie and James release their pokeballs into the lobby floor. The pokeballs explode open with a shimmering light revealing a Koffing and Ekans. Koffing spreads a smokescreen throughout the installation providing cover for Team Rocket to descend into the center. Team Rocket proclaim their motto but only receive a confused look from Ash. Ash proclaims he will not hand over Pikachu and the duo responds informing Ash they are not interested in his Pokemon. Team Rocket proclaim they are only interested in rare and valuable pokemon.

The team directs their pokemon to attack the trainer. Ekans explodes into the air ripping through the hospital's electronics as Koffing spreads cover for his teammate. Overhead lights shut off as the villinous duo shut off power to the center. The head nurse activates the center's backup generator which is comprised of multiple pikachu generating a constant voltage into a collector overhead. After a few moments, power is restored to the center and the nurse begins emergency operations to transfer all pokemon to the Pewter City center.

A robotic arm begins removing the pokeballs from the shelves and placing them into a transportation device to deliver them successfully to the nearby center. A dark cloud begins filling the room as Koffing explodes through the doors knocking the pokeballs off from the shelves and interrupting the emergency operation. Ash begins picking up the balls from the floor and launches one onto the floor which explodes open revealing a Pidgey. Ekans lunges forward frightening the defenseless Pidgey away. Ash grabs another pokeball and throws it to only reveal it is empty.

The nurse proclaims the room also contains empty pokeballs. Most of the pokemon contained with the center are housed by beginning trainers and do not provide much aide to Ash. Ash launches another pokeball to reveal a Rattata. Rattata only runs off frightened from Ekans and Koffing. Misty steps forward and reveals her own pokemon which she decides to use against Team Rocket. Misty steps forward releasing her Pokeball which explodes open revealing a Goldeen. Team Rocket watches in astonishment as Goldeen flops around the floor. After a few moments, Misty returns Goldeen to its pokeball. Misty holds the duo in place as Ash rushes through another exit with Pikachu as Koffing and Ekans follow shortly behind.

Ash crashes into Misty's damaged bike on the lobby floor waking Pikachu from his slumber. Pikachu calls for his comrades as dozens of Pikachu come to his aide. The group of Pikachu let forth a gigantic thunderbolt shocking Jessie and James as they wail in pain. Meowth, unscathed from the attack, moves forward to attack Pikachu in his weakened state. Ash places Misty's bike upside down and begins pedaling generating an electrical current for Pikachu. After a few moments, Pikachu jumps onto the bike absorbing the electrical current and delivers a devastating thunderbolt to Team Rocket. Koffing's poisonous gas reacts with the electrical current creating an explosion which heavily damages the Pokemon Center shooting a plume of smoke into the night sky.

Team Rocket barely escape from the battlefield floating away from the rubble in their balloon. Jessie scolds Meowth over his battle with Pikachu but Meowth states that Ash's Pikachu is not normal and is very rare. Team Rocket proclaim their new objective is to capture the rare and powerful Pikachu that Ash possesses. Morning sets on Viridian City as the head nurse at Pewter City informs Viridian City that all pokemon had been successfully transferred. Ash and Misty continue their journey onto Pewter City through Viridian Forest. After a few moments, a shriek is heard from Misty breaking the silence as she grasps onto Ash.

Now with a newly revived spirit, Ash launches an empty Pokeball towards a wild Caterpie hoping to capture his second teammate. Will Ash conquer his first wild pokemon or will Caterpie prevail?



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TBA (Spring, 2010):
Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver (DS)
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Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver
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May 20th, 2009
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July 8th, 2009
Platinum - The Advent of Arceus

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