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No doubt you've seen style switchers on other pokemon sites, but none of those sites has the customizability of's style switcher. Basically our style switcher on allows you to do two things. First, you can select from a nice range of different layout designs. Or you can choose to customize your own layout! Just select your colors, choose your background, and click apply! It's that simple.

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Combat Charts
Written by MewDragon   
Friday, 06 June 2008 10:21

{tab=Single Type}

Single-type Combat Chart

{tab=Dual Type}

Bug-flying dual types


Grass through Rock dual types.


Rock through water dual types


How To Use the Chart

To see what kind of damage a single Pokemon type will do to a specific dual
type, find the element along the top you need. Run down the line until the
Pokemon's dual type on the left meets up with the single elements type.


! "Ultra Effective"
There are 2 Super Effectives in play here. Both are weak to
that particular element. This does x4 the damage.
EX. Electric VS Water/Flying

+ "Super Effective"
There is 1 Super Effective and 1 Normal Effective in play here.
One is weak to it and the other is just normal.
EX. Fire VS Grass/Poison

(blank) "Normal Effective" (variation #1)
There is 1 Super Effective and 1 Not Very Effective in play here.
One of the elements is weak to that particular element and
the other one isn't that affected by it.
EX. Fire VS Water/Grass

(blank) "Normal Effective" (variation #2)
There are 2 Normal Effectives in play here. Both elements
aren't one way or the other with the particular attack
done on them.
EX. Normal VS Water/Flying

* "Not Very Effective" (Variation #1)
There is 1 Normal Effective and 1 Not Very Effective in play
here. One element is in the middle of the road on the element
and the other has a better resistance against it.
EX. Fighting VS Flying/Dragon

- "Not Very Effective" (Variation #2)
There are 2 Not Very Effectives in play here. Both elements
the dual type Pokemon has aren't very affected by it. It
does x0.25 the damage.
EX. Fighting VS Flying/Bug

= "Uneffective"
One or both of the types the dual type Pokemon has is uneffected
by the element. Even if it's just 1 uneffective, it will nullify
the attack and be rendered useless.
EX. Ground VS Fire/Flying

Other Information

Physical Attack Types:

- BUG<

Special Attacks
"The higher the attacking Pokemon's Special Attack skill is, the more damage its moves
will do. But the higher the defending Pokemon's Special Defense skill is, the less damage it
will suffer."
- Nintendo's Official Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire Guide

Special Attack Types:



BUG = Bug GRD = Ground
DRK = Dark ICE = Ice
DRG = Dragon NRM = Normal
ELC = Electric PSN = Poison
FGT = Fighting PSY = Psychic
FIR = Fire RCK = Rock
FLY = Flying STL = Steel
GHT = Ghost WTR = Water
GRS = Grass







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