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Written by MewDragon   
Friday, 06 June 2008 11:04

GSC first introduced the method of friendship/happiness into various evolutionary chains and as time has flowed, changes have been made to the system.

Basically though friendship or happiness refers to how much your pokemon likes you. While it primarily refers to evolution, it also applies to certain moves, such as Return and Frustration. In Diamond and Pearl there exists a friendship checker, a poketch app that lets you check the friendship level of the pokemon that are in your party. You can obtain it in the Eterna City Pokemon Center; just simply talk to the first girl you see. To check the level of your pokemon, simply hold the stylus to the touchscreen, when viewing the app, on the pokemon that you want friendship checked for. When you do this, a heart will come up over the pokemon to indicate its' level. The number of hearts increase to indicate greater attachment to the trainer.

The happiness checker app displays your pokemon's level in the following manner:

- no hearts - lowest rating. Either a new or unused pokemon, base level.

- small heart - second level. Generally speaking your pokemon's grown about 5 levels or so, with good treatment (no fainting)

- 2 small hearts - third level. You should be giving your pokemon some sort of attention to reach this level, in addition to battling, so poffins, hold items, etc.

- 2 large hearts - fourth/final level. You can get to this level pretty quickly; just use a Soothe Bell, visit the Massuese, and otherwise utilize the methods listed below to increase happiness. Please note: The exp. share will not assist you in raising happiness, the pokemon should be physically present/switched into the battle to contribute to it's happiness/friendship level.


As far as evolution goes, when a pokemon reaches two full large hearts in the app, that signals it's ready to evolve into it's next form.


Pokemon that Evolve by Friendship

Golbat -> Crobat

Chansey -> Blissey

Pichu -> Pikachu

Cleffa -> Clefairy

Igglybuff -> Jigglypuff

Togepi -> Togetic

Azurill -> Marill

Munchlax -> Snorlax

Buneary -> Lopunny


{tab=Time of Day}

Eevee -> Espeon (Daytime)

Eevee -> Umbreon (Nightime)

Budew -> Roselia (Daytime)

Chingling -> Chimecho (Nightime)

Riolu -> Lucario (Daytime)



Of course, there exist a number of different methods to assist you in increasing your pokemon's friendship, besides the tried and true method of simply using them during battle and making sure they don't faint.

Certain berries assist in raising a pokemon's happiness level, these berries are also decrease your effort point's in a certain stat by 10, which is incredibly useful in controlling your pokemon's evs.

Pomeg: Raises Friendship, but lowers HP Effort Values

Kelpsy: Raises Friendship, but lowers Attack Effort Values

Qualot: Raises Friendship, but lowers Defense Effort Values

Hondew: Raises Friendship, but lowers Special Attack Effort Values

Grepa: Raises Friendship, but lowers Special Defense Effort Values

Tamato: Raises Friendship, but lowers Speed Effort Values


Additional alternatives to increasing a pokemon's happiness level include:


(1) Massage: In Veilstone City, there is a girl that will give your pokemon a massage. She is located a little south of the Gym. There is also another massuese on the second floor of the Ribbon Society in the resort area, which yields a greater increase in happiness than the one in Veilstone, but the condition is that you must have 10 ribbons on your pokemon to gain access.

(2) Vitamins: Have spare Proteins, Carbos, Irons, etc? These vitamins will raise happiness.

(3) Hold Items: Letting your pokemon hold items will raise its happiness. Note: Holding a soothe bell will double its happiness gain.

(4) Participatation: Letting your pokemon participate in battles will raise it’s happiness.

(5) Berries: As mentioned above those certain berries will raise happiness.

(6) Poffins: Giving your pokemon Poffins will raise it's happiness.



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