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FRLG Overview
Written by MewDragon   
Wednesday, 18 March 2009 17:46

Welcome to the Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green Overview article.  Basically the Overview article is a changelog of all the major new features and changes which were brought to the pokemon games through the fire red and leaf green games.  Other useful information which is included in the Overview is differences between the two versions and some general trivia information.  The Overview article is written in a changelog fashion.
    FRLG Changelog:
New features & Gameplay Issues:
    - remakes/upgraded versions of the original Red and Blue pokemon games.
    - Sevii Islands have been introduced (Islands above 7 require event tickets or similar items to acces).
    - The old RB glitches have of course been removed/fixed.
    - no contests
    - no spots to use the Dive HM
    - no secret bases
        - no trading information
    - "stricken with hail" has been changed to "pelted with hail."
    - many gsc pokemon have been reintroduced, through the sevii islands and post elite four game changes.
    - can view what happened last time you played, when you press continue.
    - animation when giving pokemon an item or tm/hm outside of battle.
    - introduction of the national pokedex
    - option to list pokemon in the pokedex by different options
        - standard/national mode
        - type, alphabetical, size, weight, 'category' (forest, field, cave, etc.)
    - introduction of move tutors
  After defeating the Elite Four:
    - Can find one of the legendary dogs running around Kanto.
        - Entei if you picked Bulbasaur
        - Suicune if you picked Charmander
        - Raikou if you picked Squirtle
    - Elite Four gets upgraded with much stronger pokemon teams.
    - introduction of elemental 'hyper beams'
        - blast burn, frenzy plant, and hydro cannon
  Connectivity changes:    
    - use of wireless adaptor to connect and trade/battle wirelessly
    - play mini-games
        - Dodrio and Pokemon Jumping games.
Version Exclusive Pokemon:

{tab=Fire Red}

 - Ekans
 - Arbok
 - Delibird
 - Electabuzz
 - Psyduck
 - Golduck
 - Growlithe
 - Arcanine
 - Oddish
 - Gloom
 - Qwilfish
 - Scyther
 - Horsea
 - Seadra
 - Shellder
 - Skarmory
 - Koffing
 - Weezing
 - Wooper
 - Quagsire

{tab=Leaf Green}

  - Bellsprout
  - Weepinbell
  - Krabby
  - Kingler
  - Magmar
  - Marill
  - Misdreavus
  - Grimer
  - Muk
  - Pinsir
  - Remoraid
  - Mantine
  - Sandshrew
  - Sandslash
  - Slowpoke
  - Slowbro
  - Sneasel
  - Staryu
  - Vulpix


Game Data:
    - Japan Release Date: January 29, 2004
    - United States Release Date: September 9th, 2004
    - Estimated Total Sales: 10.49 million


Box Art:

Fire Red Box Art Leaf Green Box Art

Rear Box Art for Pokemon Fire Red



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Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver
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May 20th, 2009
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Next TCG Set:
July 8th, 2009
Platinum - The Advent of Arceus

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