Please be warned: There are a few spoilers.

Pokemon Twilight is a mmorpg being designed for and the Islander Network using the Advanced Dungeons and Rabbits modification for Phpbb 2.0.21.  Pokemon Twilight is based off of MewDragon’s fanfiction, Pokemon Revolutions.

(You can find a brief summary of Twilight if you visit and hover your mouse over Pokemon Twilight.)

Pokemon Revolutions is set approximately 20 years into the future from the time of the current pokemon anime and encompasses three separate books which chronicle the events: Rise of Team Rocket, As Our Strength Lessens, and Hunt for the Black Orb.

Revolutions actually uses a motley of sources for it’s background.  It pulls events such as Ash’s battle with Giovanni from Pokemon Adventures (Pokemon Special) in Volume 3, Saffron Seige, and it also pulls characters such as Jessie, James, and Meowth of Team Rocket from the anime.  A selective interpretation of history from the anime and the manga result in the events that occur 20 years later.

Much of Rise of Team Rocket revolves, of course, on the development of Team Rocket into a major force in the world and the response of Johto, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Orre to this new/old threat.

Much of the first book, Rise of Team Rocket, assumes several things, based upon this selective combination of material being pulled from the anime, manga, and games.  First it assumes that Giovanni dissappears and essentially abandons Team Rocket following his defeat at Ash’s hands.  Secondly it also presumes that Team Rocket as an organization disintegrates further over the next 10 years into separate factions.  Unfortunately for some Team Rocket fanboys/girls Pokemon Twilight also assumes that significant changes and alterations can and do occur to some major characters in the intervening 20 years between the anime and Pokemon Revolutions.

Most notably is the evolutions that James, of the anime, undergoes as a character.  The Rise of Team Rocket begins with a prologue which briefly traces major events in the past 20 years.  James undergoes training with a powerful trainer and grows up to become one of the strongest trainers and it is under his dominant personality that Team Rocket is unified and forged into a powerful organization bent on global domination.  The first book spends a lot of time on James and showing all the changes that have happened and are continuing to happen to Team Rocket under his leadership.  James also manages to find hidden files on the development of MewTwo and undertakes a mission of creating his own super pokemon, MewThree.

MewThree is probably the most terrifying and powerful pokemon in existence, with near limitless psychic abilities.  James fortunately or unfortunately has learned the lesson of MewTwo’s escape and independence and has tied MewThree to his will.

Furthermore he brings Team Rocket back onto the scene with a bang when he uses MewThree and Team Rocket’s combined forces to take over Hoenn.  In a blitzkrieg like fashion, James overwhelms the Pokemon League of Hoenn and conquers it and begins to build his own nation.  This happens towards the middle of the first book and the first book closes with a basic cold war setlling in between johto/kanto and Jame’s Hoenn while Sinnoh turns isolationist.

Ash is also introduced into the first book as Kanto’s #1 pokemon master.  We also get to see what he’s been up to in the last twenty years and more than a few popular characters from the anime show up and we catch up on their lives.  But, Ash is sent by the Pokemon League in Kanto as part of an advance force to try and see just how bad it is in Hoenn and if he can do anything to help Hoenn’s pokemon league, despite Kanto’s dislike of Hoenn’s pokemon league.  Ash and his force fly over to Hoenn and when they reach the coast of Hoenn, they are greeted by James.

In the closing chapters of The Rise of Team Rocket, we are treated to a rematch between Ash and James.  During this rematch James reveals that all of his plans and his goals were aimed towards getting revenge for his humiliation at Ash’s hands and that he did all of this to flush Ash out.  He points out he could have gone after Ash and found him, but he wanted Ash to come to him and he wanted to demonstrate the power he had gained; thus he conquers Hoenn.

In, what I must say is, an awesome fight Ash displays the power that has made him the greatest pokemon master and ends up being quite a match for James.  James though has become a far greater trainer and he uses a couple pokemon from his regular team against Ash despite taking some losses.  James then decides to field MewThree and Ash falls.

The first book ends with Ash captured by Team Rocket and his advance force being pulled out as Ash holds off James to save them.

The second book, As Our Strength Lessens, is where Pokemon Twilight begins.  In it we see Kanto and Johto re-tooling for war and trying to develop options for how to deal with James and the power of MewThree.  We also get a lot of pokemon mythology being introduced in the second book as well as Orre taking on a much more serious role.  James is also consolidating his power in Hoenn and creating a true state for Team Rocket and reorganizing much of the old team around his new gains as well as deciding how to handle the subject population.  Furthermore James develops a new elite squadron of trainers called the Fallen.  It is at this time, towards the middle of the second book, that Kanto and Johto are seized with a sense of futility as the power of MewThree is demonstrated again and again.  Simultaneously we see James being very nonchalant about Kanto and Johto and deciding just to toy with them, since he doesn’t actually want to take them over (yet).

Thus we get a very good setting with lots of possibilities for plot and character development in the second book, which is a perfect place to begin Pokemon Twilight and introduce players to this darker reality of pokemon.

The third book delves even deeper into pokemon mythology with plans having been finalized in the end of book 2 which decide the fate of the major regions.  Sinnoh is finally forced to decide what role it will take in the conflict: submit to Team Rocket or ally with Kanto/Johto.  Orre is being used as a training ground for Team Rocket’s elite troops.  Various characters are revealed and several things are revealed about James’ true intentions as well as the nature of the pokemon world.  The third book is really just chock full of secrets which I can’t even tell you about. :P   Basically though many things are going to change and we get to see some full scale battles as James begins moving against Kanto and Johto (Saffron City gets bombed, etc.).

The third book does in fact ends with James battling against Ash’s son, Gray, who is trying to get revenge for his father.  In a culmination of the mythology that has been developed throughout book two and book three, Gray’s most powerful pokemon, Tyranitar, evolves and Gray manages to defeat MewThree in an apocolyptic battle.

Right now, the assumption is that Pokemon Twilight will run right to the end of Book 3 and then it will stop there and the player will restart the game and choose a different path and/or a different side to play as.  We fully intend for Pokemon Twilight to be a massive game with multiple classes for each side and multiple paths for each class which will enhance replay value.  In addition we expect that it will take a player over a year to actually finish the game and thus such a scale will result in the game being an mmorpg; even if it technically ends.