Apologies that I only update this blog once every two months it seems, lol.

Regrettably due to my being in Japan as well as my planned work on a new webmaster portal as well as a new pokemon metagame site, Twilight is being shifted to the back burner and will be finished when those two are finished, for they’re slightly more important than Twilight.  For those of you who’ve been with me on Cerise I know it’s kind of a “ya ya, Twilight’s always getting pushed back, we’ll never get an mmo.”  But we will, and it will be awesome, but mmo’s take time, everyone knows that. :P

In any event, today I wanted to talk about Arceus which will be making it’s formal anime debut this summer in the 12th movie.  Now when DP was first released Arceus hadn’t been announced, but serebii still had it’s pokedex data.  I was aware of Arceus but his being there didn’t really interfere with the storyline in any real way.  But with the 12th movie coming out it seems apparent that the ‘god pokemon’ will be getting some serious air time and some much greater character development, then I’d anticipated.  Which of course means I need to alter Arceus in Twilight’s character accordingly.

In Pokemon Twilight/Pokemon Revolutions, there is a “Council of Legends.”  The Council consists of the major legendary pokemon and it is convened during times of great crisis where the combined power of the legendary pokemon is required to stop some threat or deal with some problem.  Previously I had planned on having Arceus probably head the council, but that it would be other specific legendaries who would be doing most of the action, and perhaps I’d just throw Arceus into a battle or something somewhere along the way.

With the 12th movie come out, I think I’ll alter Arceus role a little and not have him head the council, and instead have him needing to be awakened again by a player.  In Revolution, a major part of the plot once Team Rocket takes over Hoenn is that the Elite Four and Pokemon Associations of Kanto and Johto have to find something to beat MewThree with, they try wishing on Jirachi, power of the badges, etc.  Arceus will be another.  Arceus though will of course be epic in the finding and awakening stages as well as the actual battle when Arceus is told what’s been going on in its’ absence and opts to confront James and MewThree on its’ own.

I’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen between Arceus and MewThree already, and for all of you Arceus fans out there, I hate to say it, but not even the ‘pokemon god’ is a match for MewThree. :P

I know from what you’ve read about Revolutions/Twilight already, that it may seem like MewThree is just a little too powerful and that he’s a freakin’ g-modder. :P   And you’d be right, lol.  Which is why MewThree’s actual defeat, because as we all know, every bad guy has to eventually lose (sadly), will be all the more epic.

The two biggest fights against MewThree, as of this moment are going to be MewTwo vs. MewThree and Arceus vs. MewThree.  I actually haven’t written either yet, but I have a pretty good idea of what’s going to happen. :P   Still, perhaps at some point here I’ll jot down a couple battle scenes to give an idea of what will happen, and just how strong MewThree really is. ^_^