This Dev Blog chronicles the development of’s mmorpg; Pokemon Twilight which is being designed for the Islander Network.  Pokemon Twilight has been in development in one form or another for the last several years and it’s origins go back to a small rpg that was being tossed around on the Cerise Island forums back in 2006.  From it’s modest origins on Cerise Island Pokemon Twilight has evolved into a firmer plan for a true mmorpg.  With the advent of the new site and the launch of the new forum, Shingetsu, the time is finally coming when Pokemon Twilight will be made into a reality.

Pokemon Twilight is based off of MewDragon’s fanfiction, Pokemon Revolutions.  MewDragon has been working on the plot of his fanfiction for probably the last 4 years and has developed an awesome tale.  Pokemon Revolutions is separated into three books which take place approximately twenty years in the future from the current time of the pokemon anime.  While much of Pokemon Revolutions remains unwritten, the basic plot(s) and major events and points that it covers throughout the three books have been developed.  The three books are: The Rise of Team Rocket, As Our Strength Lessens, and The Hunt for the Black Orb.  Pokemon Twilight is scheduled to begin towards the beginning of the second book and will spend much of the beginning of the mmorpg familairizing the player with the world of Pokemon Revolutions and the events of the first book.

A breakdown of the storyline for Pokemon Revolutions will no doubt be provided on a separate page.

Pokemon Twilight is tentatively scheduled for release in December of 2009.