Sadly, it’s been just over 4 months since the last update to the dev blog.  But, comes first, and progress is moving along, and the content should all be finished by april, with a little luck.
In any event, as my thoughts have increasingly moved towards planning how to build Twilight, a couple things have moved towards the top of my list of things to address when I finally can begin building the mmo in earnest, probably in late april, early may.

In order to build the world of Twilight, namely the pokemon world 25 years in the future, it is necessary to determine what has changed in the pokemon world, and changes have occurred everywhere.  Furthermore, because of the depth of the storyline, and the depth of the various classes you can play as, it is necessary to define some very basic elements about the pokemon world, which haven’t really been defined before.  In addition to determining how to use a script, which was originally intended for webmasters building mmos based off of fire emblem and final fantasy, and turn around and use it to build a pokemon mmo.

So, specifically.

- How does the pokemon world operate, politically speaking?  How do regions, cities, and towns operate?  What form(s) of government are used?  What role does the private sector play?  What role do trainers, masters, gym leaders, the elite four and the pokemon association play?
- How does the “council of legends” function in a capacity to observe, regulate, and maintain the balance in nature?
- How are items used in the mmo?  How will they function in a battle system which was designed to use swords and shields?  How can this system be adapted for Twilight?
- How are “pets” going to function in Twilight?

Now, determining the political systems that are being used in the pokemon world, 25 years in the future is very important because there’s quite a few political things going on in Twilight, between regions, between leaders of Team Rocket factions, etc.  So it’s necessary to have laid a believeable framework which can function naturally in the pokemon world and which readers and players will have no difficulty believing is correct.  After all, I don’t want to create just another fanfiction, but a real ammendum to the pokemon universe which people will feel fits very naturally into what currently exists.

Council of Legends we’ll talk later about. :P   Also, the weapon/defense system is a very serious concern in building Twilight.  While I’ve often looked at it as secondary next to building the classes and developing the storyline through each individual class, how people will battle in Twilight is a very huge thing which needs to be addressed.  Given that the battle system is designed to operate with weapons and shields and other such final fantasy esque items/equipment, it is imperative to find a substitute.  One possibility is to use this integrated pet script which essentially allows you to have a pet inside of the mmo which can battle alongside you.  It goes without saying we’ll want to make pokemon available as pets, but balancing out the pet/pokemon against the enemies, and the native battle system will be a challenge.

Regardless, many challenges, such as these, and others, will come to the fore of my to do list as soon as’s content is finished.  ^_^  Stay tuned…