So as you’re aware the word “alignment” is used in the mmorpg to essentially describe what group/faction you can play under.  In Twilight there will be (unless something else happens) two different factions, Team Rocket and the Resistance (Kanto/Johto).  Now I’m still mulling things around, figuring out how we’re going to roll, but I’ve made two emblems, one for each, in photoshop.

emblem used to identify the resistance

My original idea with the resistance was to embody the hopeless in the situation, in their emblem.  The silhouette is in theory supposed to be of Mew crying.  Ideally by using such an image it invokes both the despair that civilians and members of the Resistance feel while simultaneously capturing a lingering hope that something will turn up and that Team Rocket may yet be defeated.

emblem for Team Rocket

In this one, for Team Rocket we have the simple background with a flame and a kind of updated red/white “R”.  Definitley done to symbolize the changes that Team Rocket has undergone under James’ reign and to symbolize the power that Team Rocket now posesses.

One thing I was thinking of doing, is having two emblems for each alignment.  One emblem would be a smaller, kinda avatar like emblem which would be placed in places where size is a premium, while there’d also be a larger one where it’d be used in a different place, since there are size restrictions throughout the game.

To such an end I was thinking of making a Resistance emblem with some blue flame and a pokeball.  Something simple to match Team Rocket’s.  We’ll see how it works out.