As almost anyone can tell you who’s played an mmo, guilds are more often then not a pretty awesome part.  One of the difficulties we’ve had in designing Twilight is finding a good guild system and making sure the guilds have purpose inside of the game.  For a while there were serious questions about incorporating a guild system into the game since what purpose would they serve?  Sure it’d be fun to own a guild, but the question was “why”?  Secondly there was the question of an actual guild system.  Since the native guild modifications for ADR leave much to be desired.  So in the end one of my friends coded us a new guild system to my specifications.  Which ended up to be a very good thing as the guild system that he built is amazing.

The purpose for the guild systems is going to be primarily to allow players to organize and help each other progress in the game.  One of the requirements at various points in the game for various classes and paths will be that to progress further you’ll need an item; and item which is only obtainable from a different class!  Therefore you’ll have to cooperate with other players to get them to trade you an item.  Thus the best way for people to progress is to organize themselves into guilds around certain classes and alignments so as to collect the items which players will need to progress.

The guild system that we designed is also a true guild system and rivals the guilds that gaia and world of warcraft posess.

Below are a couple of screenshots of the guild system.

Above you can see of how the main guild screen looks.  News is fully manageable by the guild master through the guild forum where you can select an option to make a post into a news item.  Furthermore you have the ability to select a guild emblem through a gallery available in addition to selecting your own banner (the banner must be linked, there is no upload option).

Above is the screen for donating items to the guilds.  This helps especially for guilds who try to help player’s as they move through the game and allows guilds to immediately dispense items to a player who needs an item to pass on to another area of the game.  It would also help keep track of especially rare items and could serve to facilitate the distribution of prizes for guild events and the like.

Above is a shot of the officer panel.  Leadership in guilds is divided between the leader and officers, both of which have a control panel from which they can affect changes to their guild which for officers, as you can see above, includes adding ranks to the guild forum, setting a guild to public or private, as well as managing a guild’s banner and emblem.