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No doubt you've seen style switchers on other pokemon sites, but none of those sites has the customizability of's style switcher. Basically our style switcher on allows you to do two things. First, you can select from a nice range of different layout designs. Or you can choose to customize your own layout! Just select your colors, choose your background, and click apply! It's that simple.

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How much do you expect Heart Gold and Soul Silver to be changed from the originals?

How much do you expect Heart Gold and Soul Silver to be changed from the originals?
Some Change; a few minor plot additions, and a couple new areas, so a little different from gsc.
381  40.7%
Significant Change; more than FRLG, significant plot differences, new areas, a serious plot for kanto, etc.
351  37.5%
Little Change; about what frlg was to rby, only a couple changes in addition to the graphical changes.
88  9.4%
Only graphical differences, Nintendo will fail to make the most of this glorious chance to bring about an epic return to the best pokemon series.
72  7.7%
I don't intend to buy hgss.
43  4.6%

Number of Voters  :  935
First Vote  :  Wednesday, 01 July 2009 17:59
Last Vote  :  Tuesday, 17 September 2019 02:11


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