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Pokemon Gold/Silver Remake
Written by bgt   
Sunday, 03 May 2009 12:59

Pokemon Sunday is a live action show which airs on TV Tokyo on Sundays at 8:00 am.  In last weeks episode, there was an announcement there would be news released on next weeks episode during the game segment.  During the announcement there were gold and silver balls hanging overhead which has lead to speculation of a G/S remake.  According to when FR/LG was announced, this is a plausible theory.  However, it could also end up not being a game.  We'll keep you posted.


 There is also further speculation and support towards a Gold/Silver release date due to the timeframe difference between FireRed/LeafGreen and the 3rd installment of a generation, i.e. Hoenn.

 Pokemon Emerald was released respectively on 9/16/04 in Japan.  FireRed/LeafGreen was released on 1/29/04.  The time difference between 1/29/04 and 9/16/04 is roughly 7 months and 17 days.

Pokemon Platinum was released on 9/13/08.  The difference between 9/13/08 and 5/2/09 (The teaser on Pokemon Sunday) is 7 months and 19 days or a 2 day difference between respective timeframes.

However, do keep in mind there is one difference with the comparison between FRLG/Emerald versus Platinum/GS Remake. 

The comparison between the FRLG/Emerald timeframe versus a Platinum/GS Remake timeframe is based on a release date versus an announcement date.  If we were to go off the rumored release date of September '09, it would actually put us within a year.   

The timeframes are very close in comparison and in addition, would both carry the trend of releasing a remake within 1 year of a 3rd Installment game being released.

 Other theories include a spin-off anime, Satoshi visiting Johto once Diamond & Pearl ends, or possibly a Johto themed Ranger or Mystery Dungeon title.




 Source: Pocketmonsters



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