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Arceus Movie - Towards the Overcoming of SpaceTime - Review
Written by MewDragon   
Saturday, 18 July 2009 06:29

Hey guys,

Hope everyone's been doing well.  My apologies for the lack of anything decent to read on the frontpage here, I have been pretty busy as my time in Japan winds down; haven't even had the chance to put up pictures from Coro Coro. =(  In any event, earlier today I saw the new Pokemon movie, Advent of Arceus!  Just came out in theaters across Japan today, and I must say I was quite impressed. 

Before I get down to my actual thoughts on the movie, I wanted to mention that at the very end of the movie they showed a very short trailer for the next pokemon movie, and in the trailer they showed Lugia going after Ho-Oh; so it's confirmed that the next Pokemon movie is going to have something to do with the legendary birds again, and that's fantastic news to me.

In any event, I took video of the entire movie, which Bgt and I are going to toy around with before putting up a couple minutes of footage of it.

So, in any event I was pretty darn impressed with the movie.  Caution SPOILERS. :P

So the real point of this movie was really to just showcase the skills and legend of Arceus, that's about what it was all about.  I mean even Ash didn't get as much screentime as he normally gets, and had pretty much no decent pokemon battle, he was totally overshadowed by Arceus, Dialga, and Palkia.   Now if you've had an opportunity to read through the pictures of the manga adaptation of this movie that were in previous newsposts here on the site, you'll have seen the big bad guy of this movie who betrays Arceus and everything, and he's a king and what not, with that crown, and he's got a Heatran, so hopefully you know the guy I'm talking about.  In any event, this guy really gets very little plot development, even by the standards set by the pokemon movies.  I mean, even the guy who went after Giratina in the last pokemon movie had more plot development, and if you think about it, that's pretty sad.  Also slightly dissapointing is the fact that the fight scenes between Arceus and Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia, were a little too short and basically consisted of Arceus totally dominating all three of them at once, through the use of his plates.  Which made Arceus' defeat at the hands of this enemy king all the more annoying as Arceus should have been able to take that guy with ease.  Of course by this time, he'd given 4 or 5 of his plates to them, and it was that energy which was being used against Arceus, so I suppose it makes sense and all, but seriously, Arceus shouldn't have been having as much trouble as he was.  

Best parts of the movie included seeing Dialga actually send Ash and crew back in time, that was seriously hot.  Arceus getting trapped in a bubble of space by Palkia was epic.  Giratina coming in from behind to try and attack Arceus was pretty sick.  And the very beginning, which showed Arceus awakening was also filled with win.

Honestly the biggest problem of this movie is that it wasn't long enough, and would have been much better if Ash had a major battle, against someone, heck I don't even care who.  Given him a chance to fly on Staraptor for once, or something.  But otherwise, not half bad.  Though I dunno if this was at the level of the Mewtwo Strikes Back, it was definitley an excellent conclusion to the diamond and pearl trilogy.  We'll have pictures and video sometime later.

Seriously though, why the heck are Ho-Oh and Lugia Fighting!!!



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