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May Issue of CoroCoro
Written by MewDragon   
Friday, 17 April 2009 10:09

Hey everyone,

 So I'm entering my third week in Japan, and I've already hit two of six pokemon centers, you already saw pictures from Pokemon Center Tokyo, and I'll be putting up pictures from Pokemon Center Yokohama which was, if possible, even more awesome then Pokemon Center Tokyo was.  In any event, while in Pokemon Center I picked up a copy of what I thought was CoroCoro.  Now I've never seen an issue of CoroCoro before, and I expected something like a magazine. :O  With like news, and what not inside it.  Instead I find that it's mostly comics. o.O  But after seeing PokeBeach's news post about the May issue of CoroCoro, I realized that what I had was indeed, the may issue of CoroCoro. :O  Clicking on the pictures will bring up a full view of them. 

Each of them is linked in a specific gallery, one for the Arceus giveaway info, one for the manga adaptation pictures, and another "gallery" set for the pokemon special, so just clicking on the first one and flicking through them should get you through em', that way you don't have to click on each one to see a full view.

 So with that realization in hand, I proceeded to take a crap load of pictures of all the stuff inside of the May issue of Coro Coro.  I've also got some photos of some other stuff I've gotten, including some Pokemon 151 shirts that I had bought at Pokemon Center.  As you've probably already seen on PokeBeach or Serebii or somewhere else, the May Issue of Coro Coro primarily discussed the upcoming release of the 12th Pokemon Movie starring Arceus.  There was also a smaller comic book at the back of this issue of Coro Coro which had a manga version of the upcoming movie.  There was some stuff about Mystery Dungeon that I didn't take pictures of.  In this issue of CoroCoro was a Diamond and Pearl Manga chapter which I took pictures of, in case anybody is interested in taking a look at it.

Also, couple shots here of stuff i got in Pokemon Center.  Honestly, I remember a while back that they said the Pokemon 151 people were stopping production of that clothing line, and now having some of those shirts, I'm really surprised that it happened, those shirts are nothing short of awesome.  I've had a handful of good pokemon shirts in my day, but these far surpass anything I've seen before, so I'm very surprised that they stopped making them, maybe reception was poor, but it's difficult to believe.  I may well go back and get more, and give a couple out as prizes in contests or something.


 My apologies in advance, all of them are photos, not scans, as I do not have access to a scanner here in Japan, but I do have my camera, and I did my best to take some decent pictures of everything.  The following photos are regarding Arceus.  "Arceus is at Level 100, inside a Cherish Ball, and holding a Rowap Berry, which deals damage to an attacking Pokemon when it uses a special attack that hits Arceus. It will know Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina's signature attacks as well as its own: Judgement, Roar of Time, Spacial Rend, and Shadow Force. It will be available for download to people who see the 12th movie." thanks to PokeBeach for the info.


PokeBeach also obtained some rough translations as to what was going on in the manga adaptation of the movie. As I'm still learning katakana and kanji (just know hiragana) I can only read bits and pieces of it, lol, so I wouldn't be able to translate much of it. xD  Pictures we'll put first.  The description is courtesy of PokeBeach, below.  thanks and credit to them.


There's a lot of stuff, and I put PokeBeach's translation and the Diamond and Pearl Pokemon Special Chapters in the full thing.  Clicking on "Add Comment" will show you the whole article and you can see everything.  So be sure to check it out.


"Additionally, a scan of several pages from an "Ultimate Preview Book" manga from CoroCoro has surfaced on 2ch. The manga is an adaptation of the 12th movie, so much of what occurs in it will probably occur in the movie. Bangiras has translated the plot below, which contains previously unknown facts about the movie. The pages in the scan are mixed-up, so plot information may be out of order or missing.

  • Ash and crew arrive in Michiina Town. Dawn says she's tired and Brock suggests they take a break. It's a typical intro.
  • They eventually make it to a lake at the base of a mountain. They all marvel at the mountain and lake. Ash thinks the air smells sweet and says the clean air instantly renewed his energy. Dawn says he's always energetic. He says he's SUPER ENERGETIC!
  • The female movie character, Sheena, is secretly watching them. She mutters to herself about the "thunder demon and its master." Suddenly, the sky distorts, and the fish in the lake begin flopping around while Pokemon outside the lake stampede away.
  • Ash says, "What the?!" and Dawn says, "The Pokemon are running away..." Brock says something and Pikachu screams. Ash says, "What's wrong Pikachu?" and a spatial distortion appears in the sky.
  • There's a skip to after Dialga saves Ash and crew from the wave that envelops them. Ash asks Sheena, "You can control Dialga?!" She girl says "I can communicate with the hearts of Pokemon" and Ash says that's awesome. She goes on to say that Dialga lent her its strength. She introduces herself as Sheena, the guardian of the lake temple. And the other guy's like, "Hi, I'm Kevin." Sheena asks them if they are unharmed as Ash and crew introduce themselves.
  • There's another skip. Giratina shows up ready to blast someone, but Ash stands in front of him. Dawn and Brock scream, "Look out Ash!" but Ash says Giratina's name. He asks, "Giratina, did you really forget me?!!" Giratina has to think, but finally remembers Ash (from the 11th movie) and gives him a ride. Then Ash is all smiles, "Giratina, you finally remembered." Sheena says, "Giratina's rage abated. Now... It will be conquered! The laws of time and space!"
  • Sheena is by a Time-Space model, which resembles a globe. She says, "Oh no, Arceus is appearing" and starts trembling. Ash asks her why she's scared. She says, "Arceus bears a grudge against humanity" and that he intends to judge them. Ash says, "Huh?" and Dawn says "Judge?" Sheena goes on to say that humans betrayed Arceus and (the rest is too blurry to read). Ash is shocked as she says that a Pokemon will destroy humanity. He says, "No way! Something like that could never happen. Kevin then (in a skipped page) tells the story of how Damos stole the Life Jewel from Arceus. Ash can barely believe him, crying, "That's heartless!"
  • Kevin continues, "With the promise broken, the betrayed Arceus destroyed the temple in a rage. Then, to heal its body, it went into a long sleep. Arceus said that when it next awakens it will pass down judgment on all of humanity." Ash says, "So he's that angry," while Dawn comments that "Even though it helped Miichina it was betrayed. Poor Arceus."
  • Kevin presumably gives more detail about Arceus and what happened in the past. Brock says, "The worst one is that Damos guy" and Ash says, "This is all Damos' fault!" Sheena says, "Damos was my ancestor," causing the kids to feel embarrassed. She walks over to a desk and shows them the Life Jewel. Ash and crew are surprised to see it.
  • Ash says, "That's the life jewel?" Sheena says, "I must return this to Arceus and calm his rage" but then the globe thing starts reacting because of Arceus. Sheena says, "Arceus... is coming!" as he tears through a hole in the sky.
  • Arceus attacks Sheena and Ash says, "What do you think you're doing?" Arceus says, "Did you say, 'This is the Life Jewel'?" Arceus says, "This is a fake." Sheena says, "A fake?" Ash says, "What's he talking about?" "I don't know... I honestly thought that was the real thing." Dawn says, "Well, where is the real one?" Arceus says, "I won't be deceived by humans again!" and fires an attack.
  • Ash screams, "Arceus, stop!" "Piplup, Bubble Beam!" "...It didn't hit Arceus." "Pikachu, Thunderbolt!" But it doesn't do anything, so Ash asks, "Did it hit him?" Kevin says, "Arceus is currently lacking 5 wells of life. As a result, it can't defend from Electric attacks." It seems Arceus just brushed off Pikachu's attack and didn't even feel Piplup's. When Arceus is attacked by Pikachu, it has a flashback to being attacked by Damos, and he screams in anger, "You!"
  • In the last panel, Arceus says, "Receive the judgment of justice!" and Sheena is screaming "Stop!"

Someone on the Pokeani forums has also posted plot information from the missing pages of the manga. The information is translated below, thanks again to Bangiras. It provides even more new information about the movie.

  • Thousands of years ago, an enormous meteor was headed toward this country (the movie's location). Arceus sacrificed itself to stop the meteor, which would have killed many Pokemon.
  • Arceus lost the plates which were the source of its life in the impact with the meteor, and it life force began to wane.
  • Damos rescued the dying Arceus by collecting the scattered plates and returning them to Arceus.
  • In gratitude Arceus took the powers of Water, Grass, Ground, Lightning, and Dragon from its own body and combined them to create the Life Jewel, which it loaned to Damos.
  • Damos did not return the jewel on the promised day and betrayed Arceus, using Pokemon to attack it in its weakened state.
  • Enraged that Damos betrayed its trust, Arceus destroyed the temple, and went into a long sleep to heal its injuries, saying "I'll descend to judge humanity."
  • Damos' one reason for betraying Arceus appears to be that he thought if the jewel was returned, Michiina would revert to its original ruined state.
  • Damos' line to Arceus: "I don't have any kind of Life Jewel to return to you!"
  • Arceus is a Pokemon who created everything.
  • Arceus refers to itself as "Watashi," which means a neutral "I" in Japanese.
  • Arceus' 16 wells of life can render an opponent's moves useless, but now while it lacks the Life Jewel it can't defend against Water, Grass, Ground, Electric, and Dragon attacks.
  • Arceus sees Damos in Sheena, since he is her ancestor.
  • When the Life Jewel that Sheena presents is revealed to be fake, Arceus anger towards humans grows even greater and it attacks.
  • Sheena is a protector of the ruins and a descendant of Damos. She has the ability to communicate with Pokemon and the hearts of other people. ("Conquer it! The laws of time and space!")
  • Kevin is also a protector of the ruins, like Sheena.
  • When Ash and co. are about to be sucked up by a sudden distortion in space, Sheena summons Dialga to save them.
  • When space distorts a second time and Pikachu and Dialga are about to be sucked in, she summons Palkia to save them. Then, Sheena resolves the dispute between Dialga and Palkia.
  • Sheena can't use her power to communicate with anyone whose rage is intense, including Giratina when it's initially summoned (Ash calms it though, as mentioned above).
  • Sheena is terrified that Arceus will appear, and tells Ash and co. that Arceus will pass down judgment on all of humanity, then possibly destroy it.
  • Sheena presents the Life Jewel to Arceus and apologizes, but since the Life Jewel is a fake, Arceus grows even more incensed. Sheena didn't know the jewel was fake.
  • Arceus is causing the spatial distortions as it awakens.
  • As for the meeting of Dialga and Palkia, who were "never supposed to meet," the energy swirling around the awakening Arceus created spatial distortions. This caused Dialga and Palkia's two dimensions to touch, and each thought the other was invading its territory (the 10th movie). Thus, Arceus was responsible for Dialga and Palkia's battle in the 10th movie.
  • Dialga and Palkia lend Sheena their power after Sheena communicates with their hearts.
  • Giratina, who was hunting Dialga, persistently attacks Dialga, but when it remembers Ash and their previous encounter in "The Sky Bouquet - Shaymin" its wrath is extinguished. Then, Sheena uses her power to clear up the misunderstanding with Dialga.
  • Dialga and Palkia stand up against the enraged Arceus, wanting to protect humanity.
  • Michiina's old legend: "Back then, the thunder demon and the demon's master changed this town's destiny."
  • Long ago, Michiina was a desolate place, the power of the Life Jewel that Arceus gave them made the earth rich.
  • The "Time-Space Model" is in the basement of the ruins in Michiina's mountains.
  • It is an item that shows the condition of the constantly changing time and space worldwide.
  • It displays "this world's space", "the reverse world", "Dialga's space", "Palkia's space", and "Arceus' space".

So, Arceus talks, it is responsible for the fight between Dialga and Palkia and indirectly Dialga and Giratina, the Life Jewel was replaced with a fake one, and there is a "thunder demon and its master." Who could this thunder demon and its master be? The master is said to be Damos above, since he attacked Arceus with Electric Pokemon. But couldn't it be Gishin and his Pokemon with their "magical devices?" Maybe Gishin tricked or controlled Damos and his Pokemon. But who is the Electric demon? A random Pokemon? Notched-Ear Pichu? Shiny Pichu? Zapdos? A brand new Pokemon? An actual demon? Who knows? This movie seems to have more plot than any previous Pokemon movie. I can't wait to see it when I go to Japan in July! :D

As mentioned months ago, an Electric-type Pokemon would save the day. Now that we know the shiny Pichu that will be available for download to people who pre-order their movie tickets has the moveset of Charge, Volt Tackle, Endeavor, and Endure, could it be possible it will take down Arceus or whoever the real bad guy turns out to be? It uses Endure, which, when attacked by Arceus, will reduce its HP to 1, then Endeavor, which reduces Arceus' HP to 1 as well. Then a Water, Grass, Ground, Lightning, and Dragon attack from another Pokemon like Pikachu, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, etc. would take it down. Sounds like it could work!"


 And of course below is what I believe to be the latest chapter of the Diamond and Pearl arc of Pokemon Special, enjoy.


Lawl, talk about the longest news post.  In any event, sorry I'm not able to provide a translation for the Pokemon Special chapter, but hopefully it'll still be interesting to look at.



All content, unless and where otherwise stated, of, Shingetsu, PokeSocial, and Cerise Island is © 2003-2008 Islander Network Inc. (MewDragon).  No attempt has been made to supercede any previously or currently existing copyright of Nintendo or their affiliates or partner companies.   Pokémon, Pikachu and all other elements of the Pokémon franchise are and remain © 1995-2008 Nintendo, GAME FREAK and Creatures. Inc.  

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