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It Is Coming
Written by MewDragon   
Saturday, 21 August 2010 10:52

Hey folks, 

Be you're all surprised I'm not dead. :P  I apologize to all of you who have been visiting and finding this place so, inactive.  So, good news and bad news.  Fortunately, it is indeed about time to make some changes around here.  Unfortunately, I cannot promise anything soon.  

I had originally built back those almost 3 years ago as a site which would be different and unique from the typical 3 column pokemon site layout.  While I continue to think this is a good idea, especially if it can be done well, the real problem is that the content needs to be there as well, and quite frankly I am not pleased with the current situation our content is in.  Nor am I pleased with the multimedia.  While I originally planned to be doing something with the manga, I am no longer convinced that there is a proper place for it on the site, and I feel similarly that while PokeSocial is a good idea, it too lacks a proper place here on PokemonFan.  

Basically what I'm getting at is that needs both features for members, if we have a real member system at all other then for content contributions, as well as something that will be a better fit for it as far as multimedia is concerned.  The whole site, essentially, needs to mesh and flow much better between different pages and components, and right now I feel like PokeSocial and the multimedia (that we have) doesn't accomplish that.  Decisions also need to be made on exactly what content is appropriate on Pokemonfan, and what isn't, and what needs to be added.

So, the discussion has begun.  Feel free to contribute your thoughts as to what pokemonfan should or shouldn't have in the future.  I'll be throwing up a test site sometime soon in order to begin trying different things.  While I do not expect that will be changed soon, with any luck and a couple of months we'll get something sorted out and thrown up which will be far superior to what we have today.

Btw, I'm removing the chat box as it just gets spammed in these days.  I think I'll probably abandon it entirely. 

Rest assured, our day in the sun is coming. will rise again.  Thanks to all those who still visit the site, your patience shall be rewarded. 



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