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No doubt you've seen style switchers on other pokemon sites, but none of those sites has the customizability of's style switcher. Basically our style switcher on allows you to do two things. First, you can select from a nice range of different layout designs. Or you can choose to customize your own layout! Just select your colors, choose your background, and click apply! It's that simple.

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How much do you expect Heart Gold and Soul Silver to be changed from the originals?
Written by MewDragon   
Saturday, 26 April 2008 23:12
Interested in Affiliation?
Affiliation for, believe it or not, is pretty much the same as everyone else's out there. (I mean seriously, what's there to do really that's different anyway?)  So, presuming first that everyone knows what affiliation is and the dos and don'ts surrounding it, we'll be putting down a few standard ground rules first.
- no content above pg-13
- I must like your layout
- decent amount of content
Now, couple things though I'd like to mention about's affiliates. First off you'll notice that we only have a single division of affiliates, in addition to our partners.  The partners section actually refers to other members of the Islander Network.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Islander Network, there are a few things which you'll need to be aware of, all of that can be found here.
But, as I was saying, does not have any top affiliates, as you can see we just have regular affiliates.  This presents several challenges which must be addressed.  First off, how do we distinguish our best affiliates?  Simple, we don't.  The idea behind having only a single affiliate section is that it makes those affiliates that does have stand out much more.  Secondly, both myself and bgt believe in limiting the number of affiliates we have at any one time, which means we will not be taking too many affiliates.  As of this writing/re-writing we have 7 different affiliates and 1 partner site.  For each additional affiliate we take on we become increasingly pickier about the next site we will affiliate with.  That way we ensure both quality in our affiliates and maximum exposure for each of them.
What does this mean for you the potential seeker of affiliation?  It means a couple things.  First off, your site should be pretty epic.  While obviously everyone cares to some extent about the number of hits their affiliates get, hits are secondary to content and layout.  If you have the content and the layout which just says "bam! check me out" but have few hits, I probably won't care and I may very well affiliate with you anyways.  Secondly, given that we treat our affiliate section as essentially a top affiliates section would be treated you should be ready to offer top affiliates to in return, as that's essentially what we're giving you.
Also, while unlikely, it is possible that at some point in the future, after we have affiliated, we may need to remove you from our affiliates list.  Obviously, we will not be doing this without cause, and inactivity in your site may well have something to do with why we might ultimately drop you.  We may also drop your site if we feel that we are getting too many sites that look exactly the same (not trying to insult anyone here, just kind of a fact of pokemon sites) and thus we may drop the one we feel least resembles the standards that we have set at  Just a note, we will not drop any of our affiliates without first talking to them about it and letting them know what's going on, and where prudent, attempt to resolve the issue.
Also, I have both msn and skype, and love to chat with my affiliates, so feel free to add me.
msn: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
skype: mewdragoon (some noob stole mewdragon)
In any event, feel free to contact me about affiliation on either msn or skype, you can also feel free to e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Btw, if you have aim and only have aim, mine's m3wdragon.  But seriously, I hate aim.


North America:
TBA (Spring, 2010):
Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver (DS)
TBA (Late Fall, 2009):
Pokemon Heart Gold & Soul Silver
Next TCG Set:
May 20th, 2009
Platinum - Rising Rivals
Next TCG Set:
July 8th, 2009
Platinum - The Advent of Arceus

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