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In Layman's Terms

No doubt you've seen style switchers on other pokemon sites, but none of those sites has the customizability of's style switcher. Basically our style switcher on allows you to do two things. First, you can select from a nice range of different layout designs. Or you can choose to customize your own layout! Just select your colors, choose your background, and click apply! It's that simple.

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Pichu's World
Pokemon Online MMORPG
Awesome and Delicious!

Lugia's Island

Today's Poll

How much do you expect Heart Gold and Soul Silver to be changed from the originals?

Manga Updates

Manga Updates

Going to be a little delay on scanning manga, but we'll continue to upload Volumes 1-7 as time permits.  As I'm in Japan, I left all my manga in the US, and I have no scanner here anyway, so I won't be able to scan any of the GSC or RS mangas.

Future Progress

With any luck I'll learn enough Japanese while I'm here to become a decent translator which will help all of us a lot more in the future.  When I return from Japan in August scanning of Pokemon Special, Volumes 9 and up will continue.  Apologies for the delay.

Anime Episodes

Next in Japan

SnowPoint Gym!  Ice Battle!!

Airdate: May 14th, 2009


Next in USA

A Breed Stampede!

Airdate: May 16th, 2009

Network News

In the Community

We are slowly working on developing some contests for Shingetsu first, along with several larger contests for the community on at large, and we'll probably do a couple in cooperation with our partner site, Piplup Princess.

In Partner Sites

Welcome aboard to Pokemon Omega X, our newest member of the Islander Network.  

PokeSocial Updates

PokeSocial News

As we work to improve PokeSocial, the only pokemon social network on the internet, we've opted to use the PokeSocial Discussion Group to keep track of news/updates.  Also, in an effort to clarify and show all of our members what they can do on and PokeSocial, we've written up a couple things

Current Activity

Chapter 5 of World of the Ancients is up, feel free to go check out the latest chapter in Dran's magnificent saga.



Looking for Webmaster!
Written by MewDragon   


Welcome to  It has been many years since I ran this site and I am looking for a new webmaster to take over and help develop a new presence and community for the domain.

Specifically I have three domains that I'm looking for webmasters for. and

Please email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you're interested and we can talk details and a strategy.  You would pay nothing for server/hosting costs; just become the webmaster of one of the premier pokemon related domains on the internet.




It Is Coming
Written by MewDragon   

Hey folks, 

Be you're all surprised I'm not dead. :P  I apologize to all of you who have been visiting and finding this place so, inactive.  So, good news and bad news.  Fortunately, it is indeed about time to make some changes around here.  Unfortunately, I cannot promise anything soon.  

I had originally built back those almost 3 years ago as a site which would be different and unique from the typical 3 column pokemon site layout.  While I continue to think this is a good idea, especially if it can be done well, the real problem is that the content needs to be there as well, and quite frankly I am not pleased with the current situation our content is in.  Nor am I pleased with the multimedia.  While I originally planned to be doing something with the manga, I am no longer convinced that there is a proper place for it on the site, and I feel similarly that while PokeSocial is a good idea, it too lacks a proper place here on PokemonFan.  

Basically what I'm getting at is that needs both features for members, if we have a real member system at all other then for content contributions, as well as something that will be a better fit for it as far as multimedia is concerned.  The whole site, essentially, needs to mesh and flow much better between different pages and components, and right now I feel like PokeSocial and the multimedia (that we have) doesn't accomplish that.  Decisions also need to be made on exactly what content is appropriate on Pokemonfan, and what isn't, and what needs to be added.

So, the discussion has begun.  Feel free to contribute your thoughts as to what pokemonfan should or shouldn't have in the future.  I'll be throwing up a test site sometime soon in order to begin trying different things.  While I do not expect that will be changed soon, with any luck and a couple of months we'll get something sorted out and thrown up which will be far superior to what we have today.

Btw, I'm removing the chat box as it just gets spammed in these days.  I think I'll probably abandon it entirely. 

Rest assured, our day in the sun is coming. will rise again.  Thanks to all those who still visit the site, your patience shall be rewarded. 




BL4rgh... I'm Alive. :O
Written by MewDragon   

*cough*  *cough*

Sooooo....  What's happening everyone?   

Woow, July 18th was last time I posted?   And It's November 19th now?  

Well, I dunno if anyone of you can forgive me for dropping off the face of the earth for the last 4 months.  I confess this has all been very much my fault.  I wish I had a good excuse, unfortunately I've been lazy in the extreme.  There is a story behind this laziness, but it's long and complicated, and none of you would probably care about it anyway.  lol.  Suffice to say I'm back home in the USA, got back from Japan in August, and I'm at school for my last year of college, after which I'll be going back down to work in Disney World.

So, what's happening with you ask?  Hmm, an excellent question.  Well, I do enjoy being a webmaster, and I think I will in fact still be hosting and administering, along with a new site I'm still trying to work on, though that's suffered from my chronic procrastination as well.

So, basically what's going to happen is one of two things.  Bgt and I spoke a while ago and he's interested in turning this place into something really awesome, that can compete with Serebii.  As am I.  The two of us have different ideas about getting there of course, and it really will depend on our mutual schedules, as we're both pretty busy, and I've not seen him for a couple months.  I have some ideas, in addition to a total revamp of the site's layout and navigational structure, and Bgt has some multimedia ideas that he very much wants to put into production as well.  I anticipate that the two of us will try and have as near complete renditions of each of what we want and then we'll compare them, and decide where to go from there.

That said, what happens in the mean time?  What about the other stuff I'd been working you ask?  What'll happen to PokeSocial?  I still intend to get everything done, but I have commitments which unfortunately must come first. and my other projects will get done, eventually.  As for PokeSocial, I intend to separate that from and make it into it's own totally awesome site.

For the time being though, that means, essentially; and I can't believe I'm saying this, hiatus.  >.<   

Oh, and i noticed we've been getting spam bots who've managed to break through the filters, unfortunate. 

My apologies for worrying everyone.  I'll send out e-mails to all the registered users when the time comes. 




Arceus Movie - Towards the Overcoming of SpaceTime - Review
Written by MewDragon   

Hey guys,

Hope everyone's been doing well.  My apologies for the lack of anything decent to read on the frontpage here, I have been pretty busy as my time in Japan winds down; haven't even had the chance to put up pictures from Coro Coro. =(  In any event, earlier today I saw the new Pokemon movie, Advent of Arceus!  Just came out in theaters across Japan today, and I must say I was quite impressed. 

Before I get down to my actual thoughts on the movie, I wanted to mention that at the very end of the movie they showed a very short trailer for the next pokemon movie, and in the trailer they showed Lugia going after Ho-Oh; so it's confirmed that the next Pokemon movie is going to have something to do with the legendary birds again, and that's fantastic news to me.

In any event, I took video of the entire movie, which Bgt and I are going to toy around with before putting up a couple minutes of footage of it.

So, in any event I was pretty darn impressed with the movie.  Caution SPOILERS. :P

So the real point of this movie was really to just showcase the skills and legend of Arceus, that's about what it was all about.  I mean even Ash didn't get as much screentime as he normally gets, and had pretty much no decent pokemon battle, he was totally overshadowed by Arceus, Dialga, and Palkia.   Now if you've had an opportunity to read through the pictures of the manga adaptation of this movie that were in previous newsposts here on the site, you'll have seen the big bad guy of this movie who betrays Arceus and everything, and he's a king and what not, with that crown, and he's got a Heatran, so hopefully you know the guy I'm talking about.  In any event, this guy really gets very little plot development, even by the standards set by the pokemon movies.  I mean, even the guy who went after Giratina in the last pokemon movie had more plot development, and if you think about it, that's pretty sad.  Also slightly dissapointing is the fact that the fight scenes between Arceus and Giratina, Dialga, and Palkia, were a little too short and basically consisted of Arceus totally dominating all three of them at once, through the use of his plates.  Which made Arceus' defeat at the hands of this enemy king all the more annoying as Arceus should have been able to take that guy with ease.  Of course by this time, he'd given 4 or 5 of his plates to them, and it was that energy which was being used against Arceus, so I suppose it makes sense and all, but seriously, Arceus shouldn't have been having as much trouble as he was.  

Best parts of the movie included seeing Dialga actually send Ash and crew back in time, that was seriously hot.  Arceus getting trapped in a bubble of space by Palkia was epic.  Giratina coming in from behind to try and attack Arceus was pretty sick.  And the very beginning, which showed Arceus awakening was also filled with win.

Honestly the biggest problem of this movie is that it wasn't long enough, and would have been much better if Ash had a major battle, against someone, heck I don't even care who.  Given him a chance to fly on Staraptor for once, or something.  But otherwise, not half bad.  Though I dunno if this was at the level of the Mewtwo Strikes Back, it was definitley an excellent conclusion to the diamond and pearl trilogy.  We'll have pictures and video sometime later.

Seriously though, why the heck are Ho-Oh and Lugia Fighting!!!




June Issue of Coro Coro
Written by MewDragon   

  Wow.  I don't even know where to start apologizing.  Suffice it to say though, I've been a tad bit busy here over the last month and so I am rather late, to say the least, with this post.  In any event, I'll make sure this doesn't happen with this month's issue of Coro Coro and I'll have that up fast.  Sadly, as I experienced with this issue (June) that I am posting now; somehow whoever the heck is leaking pictures of Coro Coro on japanese websites, has access to Coro Coro that I don't. 

If you didn't know, I've been living in Japan since April, and last month, when this japanese person was posting Coro Coro pics online, I was canvessing stores in 3 different cities.  Nobody freakin' had the new issue of Coro Coro.  I went to Pokemon Center Yokohama, they didn't have it.  So I have no freakin' clue where that person finds their Coro Coro, maybe they have connections to the company or something.  But, unless Pokemon Center has it this time, I'll probably be getting it after them. 

In any event, as annoying as all of this is, here's last month's Coro Coro; including the Arceus movie adaptation as well as June's chapter of the Diamond and Pearl Pokemon Special manga.

At the very least I have better pictures of last month's Coro Coro.  Once again, my apologies for the absurd amount of time it took me to put this up.  You'll need to click on "Add Comment" or "Read More" which will bring up the whole article, to read through the Arceus manga and Pokemon Special chapter.





Pokémon Sunday 242: Tanba Gym! Helmet-Front Bout Fighting Showdown!! / Robert's Great Investigation of the Individual Charactistics of the Interesting Johto Region Gym Leaders / The 3 Most Popular Battles by Vote!
Written by bgt   

Pokémon Sunday 242: Tanba Gym! Helmet-Front Bout Fighting Showdown!! / Robert's Great Investigation of the Individual Charactistics of the Interesting Johto Region Gym Leaders / The 3 Most Popular Battles by Vote! ( タンバジム!まっこうしょうぶかくとうたいけつ!!」 「ロバートがジョウト地方のおもしろいジムリーダーや個性的なキャラクターを大調査」 「最初に選べる3匹バトル!) aired in Japan on 06.06.2009 and revealed a new device titled PokeWalker (ポケウォーカー).  The device will enable players to train one of their pokémon while on the go allowing them to level up to 100.  PokéWalker resembles the older Pokémon Pikachu which also implemented a pedometer.  The device also looks to feature mini-games as well.  Episode Pictures and video are now available.  We do apologize for any audio issues.


Source: Pocketmonsters


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